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The Future of Email Marketing: A Mosaic of Predictions

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Everyone who’s worked in the ever-evolving world of business knows that change is the only real constant. Every aspect of managing a business keeps shifting. What worked yesterday won’t necessarily work today. And what delivers phenomenal results today might be worse than useless tomorrow. This equally applies to the world of email marketing.

But what’s the future of email marketing? Will it continue being an important marketing channel? If yes, what aspects of it will change? While no one knows precisely what’ll happen, this post attempts to predict the future of email marketing with as much scientific accuracy as possible.

What the Future of Email Marketing Looks Like

Recently, Econsultancy interviewed marketers regarding the future of email marketing over the short term (next 5 years). The marketers contacted felt that email marketing would see remarkable changes in the following areas:

Let’s take a closer look at each of these predictions…

Prediction #1: Artificial Intelligence will play a critical role

AI is nothing but sophisticated robots. But every sector today is feeling the impact of artificial intelligence. You’d be hard-pressed to find a business that’s not using AI or pondering using the technology in some way.

So, why is the world embracing AI? It’s because these bots are intelligent. They’re helping businesses perform a vast range of tasks cost-effectively. In fact, some of them are even chatting with customers and helping them solve problems. As the influence of AI spreads everywhere, you can be sure it’ll also affect email marketing in different ways.

The vast majority of email marketing-related decisions and planning will revolve around AI. The technology will catapult automation of many marketing tasks to a whole new level. Actually, the future’s already arrived.

Many businesses today are enjoying the benefits of intelligent email marketing automation. In the future, this technology will multiply those benefits, boosting efficiency dramatically. What plans are you putting in place so your business will take advantage of these changes? Doing nothing is the worst thing any business owner can do.

Prediction #2: Brand distinction will be the next big thing

Pretty much everyone will leverage AI to supercharge their email marketing strategy. But here’s an unexpected problem. As more businesses climb on the AI bandwagon, they’ll start sounding like the exact same business.

Thanks to this technology, consumers will start getting similar or exact email subject lines. Imagine receiving emails from different businesses but all of them appear to have been written by one person. How would that feel? It’d make choosing one brand over another a little more challenging.

But Businesses Will Invent Solutions

History demonstrates that businesses invent ways of addressing challenges and threats that crop up along the way. You can be sure companies will come up with something to address the problem.

Companies will create marketing strategies that showcase their brand as unique and different. They’ll stop relying exclusively on AI. Instead, they’ll start viewing this technology for what it is — a tool with certain limitations. They’ll couple AI to personalized marketing so that consumers can feel like they’re dealing with real humans.

Prediction #3: Personalized email marketing content

The need to make brands distinct from the competition will push personalized email marketing to a whole new plane. Customers will see supremely personalized content in the inbox. Customers will no longer receive emails that sound generic. They’ll stop getting mass-produced messages — emails that feel like they were sent to a thousand people.

Marketers believe that email marketing will continue being a critical marketing channel. In fact, they predict it’ll be among the fastest growing ones with an incredibly high ROI. Email marketing will become, in the words of the marketers Econsultancy interviewed, a “luxury channel. Businesses that won’t deliver personalized messages that reflect a complete understanding every customer is unique won’t thrive.

Prediction #4: Marketing emails will feel like mini websites

The marketers also said that future emails will feel pretty much like a customer-centric mini website. Recipients will be able to do nearly everything a website’s visitors do. For instance, they’ll easily buy products and services without needing to leave the email at all.

Customers won’t need to fire up a browser to access the email sender’s website to complete a purchase. That doesn’t mean website marketing will cease. It just means that emails of the future will provide high-quality, web-like experiences.

Maybe that’ll necessitate a bit of coding, but that shouldn’t be a problem at all. After all, Developers will be there to help businesses breeze through the coding process. Google AMP is probably the earliest sign that emails will soon start working like mini websites.

Prediction #5: Privacy will become a more critical aspect of email marketing

GDPR is now a reality that businesses all over the world have to contend with. Individuals, organizations, and even governments will continue insisting on data safety. Likewise, customers increasingly want to feel that their personal information is in safe hands. They want to rest assured that no unauthorized third parties can access it.

End-to-end Encryption

End-to-end encryption of emails and services is already a reality today. It’s hard to not see the proliferation of email encryption services. Well, the U.S. government might try to ban end-to-end encryption, citing the need to promote national security. But it’s unlikely the push will come to fruition.

Block Chain-based Privacy Protection Technologies

With growing consumer awareness, one can expect to see more privacy and personal data protection in the future. Similarly, many countries and jurisdictions will likely introduce legislation that requires end-to-end encryption. Block chain-based technologies that provide spy-proof email encryption will be the solution.

The Future of Email Marketing: Final thoughts

Email marketing will continue being a crucial channel for the foreseeable future. Consumers will see personalized content in their inbox. And they’ll buy products and services right within the email. They won’t need to fire up their browser to visit the website of the email’s sender. That’s not saying websites as we know them will vanish.

Also, AI will continue playing a critical role. In fact, AI has already started ushering in a new era dominated by intelligent email marketing. In addition, privacy will become very important than it’s today. Consumers will keep demanding increased diligence regarding data management by businesses. Email marketers can expect more stringent regulation on end-to-end encryption.

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