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The Biggest Sales Productivity Pitfalls to Watch Out For

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You’ve got the best talent in your ranks – the crème de la crème. But what exactly is preventing you from consistently pulling in great numbers? In sales, some people are born to sell while others need plenty of training. There’s no doubt you’ve got more of the former than the latter on your team. But have you considered that it might not exactly be a people problem? Sales productivity pitfalls are a real and potent threat.

Sales Productivity

This term refers to maximization of sales results while minimizing expenditure of resources at the same time. Basically, all companies want more profit and income while using the least possible time, effort and money. As a result, optimizing sales productivity is a vital aspect of any business.

Research shows there’s a steep decline in industry wide sales productivity. Although most organizations are increasing revenue goals and expanding their teams, they aren’t really scaling their best practices and sales productivity tools. According to Time Trade, sales quotas have risen 33% over the last decade. However, the number of reps actually hitting these quotas has fallen by 25%. So, what exactly seems to be the problem?

Sales Productivity Pitfalls

Whether you’re a sales manager or a rep out in the field, there are several common challenges we all face. From internal pressure and poor training to lengthy sales cycles and relentless distractions, there’s no shortage of threats to sales productivity.

At the same time, there’s another fact we simply can’t ignore. In today’s highly competitive and ruthless world of sales, there is no room for mistakes – minimal or otherwise. You just can’t afford to land into one sales pitfall after another. But to avoid the enemy, you have to know them. Below are 5 of the most deadly sales pitfalls that could be holding back your profits.

1. Sales Productivity is crippled by clunky administration

If there’s one thing all businesses agree on, it’s that every problem has roots going all the way to the leadership. It doesn’t matter if the cycles are long or the tech is ancient – it’s the administrations fault. The burden of inefficient, old school leadership can bring your sales progress to an instantaneous dead halt.

Perhaps you’re still using spreadsheets and plain boring paperwork. Or maybe you’re drawing up quotations based on decade old templates. If your team is using more time on paperwork and manual data processing than actually selling, then you’ve got your answer. Cut this workload in half by moving to the current century. This means automating, digitizing, and gearing up with the right sales productivity tools like Veloxy. Not only will this help your reps sell more, they’ll have fun while doing it too.

2. Needlessly long sales cycles

In sales films, there’s always that one perfect pitch that astounds the big boys and lands our protagonists the deal of their lives. Unfortunately, the sales world is a whole different animal. Doesn’t matter how great your presentation is if a few crucial details are off.

For starters, leads have to be thoroughly researched, qualified, and rechecked. You’ve got dozens of emails and contacts to gather, endless calls to make and different strategies to consider. And that’s even before you can begin to present your product or convince anyone of its merits. Trust me when I say; clients will pick up on poor planning which kills the deal in its cradle.

An unnecessarily long sales cycle not only delays important processes, it hampers your productivity as well. Make sure you map out all sales tasks and monitor time spent actually carrying them out. You’ll find a lot of glaring time consumers hindering your overall sales productivity.

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3. Jack of all Reps

Specialist or general? Now right there, most of us flashed back to a medical specialist who was really good as what they do. If you’d rather have a specialist take care of you and your family’s health, don’t you think the same ought to apply at the work place? Sure, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of diversity at the workplace. However, the last thing you want is a rep who is always busy juggling unrelated tasks.

Taking on excess responsibilities that do not in any way contribute to your sales target is simply being ineffective. Whether you’re in junior sales or out in the field, you shouldn’t be bothered with customer service or minor errands. There’s always someone who can do those other tasks better, faster, and give customers an experience they can appreciate.

4. Office locked Sales Reps

In point number 2, we looked at some of the crucial tasks that lead up to an elaborate sales pitch. Now, unless what you’re peddling can be sold online i.e. via the phone or email, your sales team will have to hit the road a lot.

Fortunately, this is the 21st century; you don’t have to be at the office all day to do business. To save both time and effort, companies have adopted new ways to give their teams mobile access to everything. With productivity tools like Veloxy Mobile, your sales teams could be walking around with the entire office in their hands.

Fortunately, this is one of the easiest sales productivity pitfalls to avoid. All you have to do is invest in a great CRM such as Salesforce and plugin the world’s leading sales productivity tool – Veloxy. There’s a lot of ways this will benefit your business and help your sales reps out in the road. Either by collecting and updating data from the source, scheduling follow up calls or arranging for meetings near your location.

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Conclusion on Sales Productivity Pitfalls

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again; there’s nothing shorter than one business day. If managers and administration can ensure their sales teams make the most of this time, there’s no limit to what the organization can achieve.

However, you also don’t want to amp up the process to maximum overnight. Influencing the sales productivity is a slow and steady process that the entire organization has to work towards. One of the most important steps to avoid the pitfalls mentioned above is getting kitted with the right technology.

With Veloxy Mobile, administrators can help their sales reps save time, stay right on top of their current tasks and get the right data for their next assignment thanks to an AI powered system. And for those with Gmail or Outlook as their corporate email, Veloxy Engage puts all Salesforce data right in your email interface and helps create CAN-SPAM compliant personalized email templates. Empowering your team directly translated to improved sales productivity.

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