The 25 Best Cold Email Subject Lines To Help You Stand Out

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The 25 Best Cold Email Subject Lines To Help You Stand Out

photo for a cold email subject line blog post

Email marketing might be an effective way to promote your business. But according to The Radicati Group, the average business person gets 115 emails a day, and that number is growing.

In other words, if you want to make an impact, you’ve got to craft an email that stands out from everything else in your customer’s inbox.

One way to do that is to use a subject line guaranteed to get a great open rate. A good subject line will capture your reader’s attention and give them a sense of urgency when clicking on that email (be sure to use email tracking to close the deal faster).

With that in mind, here are 25 of the best cold email subject lines for you to try in your next email campaign.

#1: A Personal Note to [Personalized First Name]

The phrase “a personal note” conveys the sense of something essential and personal instead of promotional. This simple phrasing, especially when you include a personalized first name, will help boost your email open rate.

#2: 10 Simple Tips for [This Problem]

Lists are highly effective on blog posts and work just as well on email. They are great for those who like to scan copy and get the essential information in seconds without reading reams of content.

#3: Can You Answer Me One Question?

This is an excellent example of cold emailing that doesn’t ask for a lot of commitment. The reader knows they won’t be obliged to do anything strenuous or complicated if they open the email.

All you want is for them to answer a straightforward question.

#4: Tell Me How I Can Best Help You

This is the perfect example of an email subject line that puts customer service central to your business model.

Instead of sending sales promotions, you turn email marketing on its head and ask what you can do for your customer.

#5: Do You Want to Talk About [Current Topic]?

Topical news stories, when they are relevant to your business, will get your email opened. People want to discuss and chat about the latest world event or recent technological innovation. 

#6: Sneak Peek at Our New [Product or Service]

This is the perfect way to kick off a new email campaign about an upcoming product launch. 

#7: New Idea to Deal With [Problem]

This offers an excellent promise to your reader. You can help them with a problem, and it’s an idea they won’t have read before. 

#8: Have You Seen This [Latest Trend]?

The beauty of this subject line is that it keeps it short. The reader is promised a quick reference, not a lengthy essay, and that’s particularly useful for those reading on the go on their mobile. 

In fact, it’s essential to recognize the growing significance of mobile when crafting the perfect email. According to Litmus, 42% of emails were opened on mobile, compared to just 18.2% on desktop.

#9: I Tried [Technique] and Here's What Happened

Results-orientated subject lines promise value to your reader, and they also spark curiosity. This is one of the top cold email subject lines to try to improve your email open rate. 

#10: Here's the [Freebie] I Promised

This subject line shows you are reliable and true to your word. It’s a great follow-up after the subscriber signs up for a free lead magnet. 

#11: Here's What I'll Be Sending You This [Day of the Week]

Telling your audience that you will send something interesting on Friday boosts your email analytics for that email and the subsequent one. 

#12: Do You Have 10 Minutes to Chat About [Topic]?

This simple question is helpful if you want to pitch something to your recipient. It keeps it casual and avoids coming across as too sales-focused. It is one of the most stand-out cold email subject lines.

#13: She/He Said [This Product] Transformed Her/His Life

Testimonials are a good, gentle sales technique in email. This is a good subject line if you plan on including a testimonial in an email. 

#14: I'd Love Your Feedback on [Freebie]

An excellent follow-up to a free lead magnet asks your audience for feedback on the content they received. It encourages a reply, which helps you to get a more personal one-to-one conversation started.

#15: Would You Like to Continue Receiving My Emails?

One way to boost email delivery is to delete cold subscribers. Before you do that, send this subject heading to your cold subscribers to give them one last opportunity to stay on your email list.

#16: I Have a Terrible Confession to Make

This subject line is screaming to be opened. It is one of the most unusual cold email subject lines but highly effective.

If you can make your audience feel curious, your email will stand out from everything else they have in their inbox.

#17: Guess What Famous City Used to Be Called 'New Orange'?

Random facts in emails show some originality, and they don’t have to be relevant to your niche. And hold off on providing the full fact until they open the email. 

#18: A Rather Unusual Start to My Weekend...

This subject line promises a personal story, and it’s a fantastic way to build a close bond with your audience. 

#19: This Is No Ordinary [A Future Date]

Suppose you have an upcoming promotion or product launch. In that case, this simple email is a highly effective way to get that date memorized in your reader’s brains before the big day.

#20: The Story Of The Ant, a Bag Of Oranges, and a Surprise Visitor...

A random-sounding story via email promising the reader an unusual topic and is one of the most interesting cold email subject lines.

It is always an excellent opportunity to boost your open rates and makes a change to the typical sales-led headlines readers so often receive.

#21: Three Days Until [Product Launch]

Build up the excitement for an upcoming product launch with a three-day countdown. 

#22: Are You Ready For [Annual Event]?

Don’t forget about subjects that remind your reader about important events. For example, if you are a gift company, you might want to ask: are you ready for mother’s day next week? 

#23: Did You Remember to Do This?

This email is asking to be opened. It offers a similar reminder for an annual event to #22 but leaves a bit of curiosity in the subject heading. 

#24: I Lost That Important Email...

The purpose of this email is to be humble and own up to a mistake. It might seem counter-intuitive, but admitting you got something wrong will help you create a stronger relationship with your audience. 

#25: What's Your Favorite [Country/Animal/Sport/Film]?

A fun, easy question is a great way to break the ice in person, so why not try it in email too? It’s one unique cold email subject line to try with your audience. 

The Best Cold Email Subject Lines Can Transform Your Marketing

If you want to get a good ROI from your email marketing, you need to make sure that those emails are read above all else. These 25 best cold email subject lines will tempt your subscriber to open up that email immediately. 

If you haven’t read our cold emailing guide or cold email copywriting best practices yet, please give it a read. It has everything a salesperson needs to know to move the needle with cold email.

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