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Working in Sales: Ever Evolving, Always Rewarding.

We have something in common—we love sales! It's the perfect profession for the ultra-competitive people-person who takes great joy in the best compensation model across all employment opportunities. Sales is also exciting because it's always evolving, and you've come to the right play for staying-in-the-know!


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5 Types of Sales Jobs: How to Choose the Right Career in Sales

Sales is a lucrative career choice that comes with many benefits. There’s exceptional earning potential, a certain amount of work flexibility and the ability to shape shift your own career. It can also be very fulfilling, but only if you choose the right sales jobs. What most people don’t realize is that sales is a massive field with different opportunities. The truth is, not all sales jobs are created equal. The role of a sales director will look very different from that of an average sales rep. Different in terms of responsibilities, day to day tasks and of course, incomes.

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