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We have something in common—we love sales! It's the perfect profession for the ultra-competitive people-person who takes great joy in the best compensation model across all employment opportunities. Sales is also exciting because it's always evolving, and you've come to the right play for staying-in-the-know!


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man using weight to squat lift

What’s the Hardest Part of Sales? We Ask the Experts

Sales and Marketing – ask any organization and they’ll tell you that this is the toughest department to maintain. First off, selling anything is never easy. If it were, everyone would be in business. It’s still perplexing how so many non sales people think sales is a game of luck where reps rake in oodles of undeserved cash. But ask those people to put half their earnings on the line and go into sales. Needless to say, not many will take you up on that balsy offer. For those of us in the know, selling is outright hard. It takes

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photo of a doctor with covid-19 vaccine

When will the COVID-19 Vaccine be Available?

The fastest vaccine development record was 4 years for the mumps. But as the WHO works closely with governments, big pharma, and billionaire philanthropists, we could be looking at the fastest vaccine turnaround in human history.

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photo of a female sales professional changing jobs

5 Types of Sales Jobs: How to Choose the Right Career in Sales

Sales is a lucrative career choice that comes with many benefits. There’s exceptional earning potential, a certain amount of work flexibility and the ability to shape shift your own career. It can also be very fulfilling, but only if you choose the right sales jobs. What most people don’t realize is that sales is a massive field with different opportunities. The truth is, not all sales jobs are created equal. The role of a sales director will look very different from that of an average sales rep. Different in terms of responsibilities, day to day tasks and of course, incomes.

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photo of a sales person at war

What to Avoid When Selling During Difficult Times As the economy reels due to the current global situation, more and more salespeople are finding themselves in uncharted waters. If you worked through the 2008 crisis and the following recession, then you remember what it means to try selling during difficult times. For those who didn’t, the lessons are coming in quick and rough. Sure, we all know that there’s a difference in sales during boom times and during challenging times. However, that’s not to say that some industries aren’t thriving even in the midst of a global pandemic. Whether your business is taking hits or not, it’s

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cover image for the blog post on selling from home

Selling from Home? Here’s How to Create a Strong Sales Culture with Results

As the world recovers from the current health crisis, there’s another silent threat slowly circling around. Since many of us started working from home earlier this year, the number of cyber security threats have surged. Experts had already predicted that hackers would capitalize on the weaknesses unveiled by the borderline overnight transition to working from home. On top of that, our sales culture is slowly diminishing. Each and every sales person is adapting to these new circumstances. In addition to balancing personal issues, people are trying to get back to the selling groove. And all this without the same resources

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