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Social Media 2021: Battle for the other inbox

B2B sales reps have squeezed plenty of sales out of email marketing in the past twenty years, but now another inbox has become a proven ROI juggernaut—Social Selling. Sales reps are taking full advantage of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, niche Facebook Groups, and other channels to engage, nurture, and close deals.

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Tips for Staying Ahead of the Competition When Selling to Busy Buyers

700 unread emails, 20 voicemails and over 50 unanswered text messages – that’s what one of our semi-busiest buyers’ phone looks like every day. I use semi-busy buyer because Veloxy’s busiest clients were obviously too preoccupied to even bother with the tally (tally here meaning the IT guy). But what came as a surprise was that a healthy percentage of those missed calls and ignored messages were from the clients own friends, family, and people he actually likes! He was just too tied up to respond to everyone. So ask yourself this Mr. Salesman – if a loving wife can barely get

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11 of the Best Social Media Campaigns Ever

11 Best Social Media Campaigns We asked a few marketing giants what their biggest nightmare was. Second only to a massive and disturbing scandal, the most common answer was social media campaign failure. It sucks when posts receive little to no attention. But a few “lucky” businesses keep seeing appreciable success every time they post or tweet.  And it’s not uncommon for their content to go “viral.” Hopefully, you’ll encounter an idea here that helps you catapult your campaign to results you’ll love.  Following are 11 of the best social media campaigns ever: Airbnb Purdue McDonalds Sevenly’s Nintendo Applebee’s Red Bull Starbucks Dove

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