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Salesforce 2021: The most important year for CRM

For over 10 years, organizations of all sizes have struggled with defining Salesforce ROI. With all the advancements Salesforce has made, sales reps and managers still struggle with company-wide adoption. In 2021, companies will continue to integrate artificial intelligence with Salesforce. If you're not one of them, you must start now.

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Why CRM Adoption is so Low

Why Customer Relationship Management(CRM) adoption is so low? According to studies by Gartner Group, the worldwide Customer Relationship Management (CRM) market grew from $18B in

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5 Tips for New Customers From a Marketing Cloud Specialist

Incorporating Marketing Cloud into your Salesforce ecosystem is a practical way to set up your organization for long-term success. It provides your team with the 360-degree view of your constituents. Which in turn allows you to better engage them with the right content, in the right ways, and at the right time. Marketing Cloud is considered an expert when it comes to supporting and growing your mission. Not to mention preparing your organization to become scalable and thriving in the future. This comprehensive platform covers all aspects of modern marketing methodologies suitable for every company prerequisites. Whether it is a

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How Salesforce Essentials and Veloxy Work Together to Meet Your Business Needs

Adapting Customer Relation Management (CRM) software that dots all the I’s is no easy feat. Not only does it have to be easy to use and affordable, it also has to be built to scale and able to play well with others. These aren’t just ungrounded opinions. Research shows that over 65% of CEOs and business leaders are personally responsible for up to 3 areas in their company. A large number of those carrying out complex tasks like manual data management on an ad-hoc basis. On the flip side, leaders that attempted to pare back their responsibilities found that there was no

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Salesforce Einstein: Working Smarter with AI Built Right Into Salesforce

Artificial Intelligence is nothing new. In fact, the first AI proposal dates back all the way to the 1950’s in a conference at Dartmouth. Today, even C-Suites in global organizations have come to rely on this set of technologies that let’s systems learn, sense, comprehend, and even take action to augment human activities. From Customer Service and Accounting all the way to HR and Marketing, more and more companies are handing these labor intensive tasks over to AI tools for better efficiency. With the right automation processes, companies can identify patterns, anticipate customer actions, recommend next steps and make the

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Top 5 CRM Myths That Are Simply Not True

Customer Relationship Management software is nothing new. What started as a simple Rolodex to organize data decades ago is now the single most important tool in the sales process. That’s why companies with a growth-oriented mindset always have a reliable CRM integrated into the entire business process. For Veloxy, it took years of research looking for the ideal CRM to build our Add-on around. We’re glad we went with Salesforce which is currently the market leader. But during our research phase, we came across all sorts of myths and reasons why some businesses don’t like using CRM software. These misconceptions may

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Use CRM Technology To Maximize Sales

Technology is the great equalizer.  Don’t believe me?  Consider this:  The technology available to the sales sector today makes it possible for one person to accomplish the same amount of work that would have occupied multiple individuals just a decade ago. Mobile and cloud-based solutions literally put the necessary tools in the palm of your hand.  Information once stored on reams and reams of paper and only accessible in the office is now available at the touch of a button, 24-hours a day, anywhere in the world. Customer relationship management (CRM) software is the embodiment of this sales sea change.  But

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The Few. The Proud. The Early Adopters

Ever sit back and wonder, “Where did all the time go?” Sometimes it seems that regardless of how efficient you are there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Trust us…you’re not alone. In fact, most studies show that even the most effective sales reps spend almost 2/3 of their time in non-selling support activities. If you think about it, that’s a massive amount of time not directly focused on actually selling. So what’s a sales rep to do? For starters, take a good look at the things you find yourself doing the most when

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Why CRM Adoption is so Low

Why Customer Relationship Management(CRM) adoption is so low? According to studies by Gartner Group, the worldwide Customer Relationship Management (CRM) market grew from $18B in 2012 to $48.2B in 2018 (Source). However, research has also shown that CRM adoption is still a problem, with 49% of all CRM projects failing. That means billions of dollars worth of CRM investments in 2020 face questionable outcomes. What’s more startling is the fact that sales people often spend less than 35 percent of their time in selling. Companies using CRM software had 17% more revenue. Traditional CRM is a repository of sales data and it

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