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5 Buyer Friction Points that Could be Costing you Sales

As a salesperson, you have to realize that you’re not in the business of selling things. That’s right; you’re actually in the business of helping people buy things. Those are two very different job descriptions that you’ll need to understand to avoid buyer friction. In the entire history of transactions, there’s never been a more complicated time than now. The customer is more informed than ever and has access to a myriad of other alternatives. So, how do you close more deals and retain your customers as well? It’s all about customer trust. According to research, companies viewed as approved vendors

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5 Tips and Business Strategies to Sell More in the First Quarter

In our world, it’s a well-known fact that sales dip as we exit the fourth quarter. At least for most businesses, this holds true. According to consumer spending statistics, there’s always a significant drop in sales into the first quarter. The good news is that things tend to pick up as the year moves along. For a sales rep, it takes a lot of balls to admit you could be doing just a bit better than you are right now – and even more confidence to try and shake things up. If your company is always keeping up with trends,

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Top 5 Essentials of an Effective Elevator Pitch

Before launching any product, cause, or service, you need what people in the sales world refer to as an elevator pitch. This is a very short and quick summary of what you product offers, the target market, your value proposition among other things. An elevator pitch is one of the most essential tools to have in your marketing arsenal. It’s short, straight to the point and often a key factor to landing quick deals. The term itself originated from entrepreneurs who needed to pitch to busy investors quickly to secure funding. The idea behind this is that sales people should

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6 Tips to Optimize Limited Time with Your Prospect

In our previous post, we talked about how to get through to busy buyers and win their attention. But whether you ask them or not, there’s only so much time a prospect can spare from their busy schedules. In most cases, sales reps are lucky if they can get even 20 minutes to introduce their products or services. Yet we all know how important that first conversation is. It will determine whether the deal moves forward or dies in its cradle. So if you do get a meeting, make sure you don’t waste a single minute. Below are tips that

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Tips for Staying Ahead of the Competition When Selling to Busy Buyers

700 unread emails, 20 voicemails and over 50 unanswered text messages – that’s what one of our semi-busiest buyers’ phone looks like every day. I use semi-busy buyer because Veloxy’s busiest clients were obviously too preoccupied to even bother with the tally (tally here meaning the IT guy). But what came as a surprise was that a healthy percentage of those missed calls and ignored messages were from the clients own friends, family, and people he actually likes! He was just too tied up to respond to everyone. So ask yourself this Mr. Salesman – if a loving wife can barely get

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10 Inside Sales Gurus Share their Secrets

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or inside sales expert, we can all agree on a few things. One; sales is no longer just about high pressure, ‘won’t take no for an answer’ pitches. Today, it’s more of a different dynamic where sales reps listen, empathize, and even kill pitches early if they sense the prospect isn’t interested. And two, sales tactics are not just learned in the classroom – it’s a never ending journey of ‘sales-education’. New sales strategies, practices, approaches, and techniques are always springing up like wild shrooms, not to mention the new virtual office environments. If you don’t

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