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image of an elevator, where the first elevator pitch took place

The 30 Second Elevator Pitch: Structure and Essentials

30 Elevator Pitch Structure: Save it to Your Phone 1. Use Enthusiasm and Motion 2. Begin with a Pain Reliever or Creative Catch 3. Choose One Word or Phrase to Focus On & Repeat 4. Follow the NSV Method 5. Deliver the Call to Action Example of a 30 Second Elevator Pitch 5 Essentials of an Effective Elevator Pitch 1. Accessible Language 2. Key Information 3. Clear and Concise 4. Diversified and Human 5. Invitation to Continue the Convo Conclusion on Effective Elevator Pitches Before launching any product, cause, or service, you need what people in the sales world refer

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photo of an Inside Sales guru using Veloxy

10 Inside Sales Gurus Share their Secrets

The Top 15 Inside Sales Secrets</h4 1. Thrive in the Discomfort that is Inside Sales 2. Always Be Following-Up (ABF!) 3. Handle Objections with Ease 4. Take Advantage of Social Selling 5. Customize Your Pitches for Each Prospect 6. Inside Sales Reps are Competitive! 7. Use a Data-Driven Sales Model 8. Knowledgeable Sales Reps Have Confident Voices 9. Inside Sales Reps are Productive & Efficient 10. There’s an I in Inside Sales, but Not Teamwork 11. Use Email Templates & Call Scripts 12. Help on the First Call (and Email) 13. Ask Questions, Send Surveys, Offer Consultations 14. Reach Prospects

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photo of outside sales reps talking about an opportunity

10 Outside Sales Gurus Share their Secrets

The Top 20 Outside Sales Secrets/h4 1. Know your product 2. Aim for the moon with targets and quotas 3. The customer comes first 4. Give them a quote ASAP! 5. Embrace the power of sales technology and analytics 6. Find an outside sales mentor or protege 7. Stay organized with sales automation 8. Use GPS Prospect Discovery 9. Use account-based selling in the field 10. Eliminate non-selling activity on the road 11. Enable yourself to sell from anywhere, any time 12. Become a storyteller 13. Deliver content in person 14. Use data-driven insights to improve engagement Collaborate with inside

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The Wizard of Sales: A Savvy Salesman’s Guide to Covert Hypnosis

What is Covert Hypnosis? Pattern Interrupt Interrupt by Blocking Interrupt by Redirection Interrupt by System Overload Interrupt by Confusion Covert Hypnosis – Persuasion Techniques Powerful Persuasion Techniques to Use in Sales Top 6 Highly Persuasion Techniques to Apply in Sales & Life Conclusion on Sales Hypnosis Thanks to our increasingly hectic lifestyles, nobody’s got time to waste anymore. Especially not on strangers trying to hawk one thing or another. Factor in the relentless competition and it’s literally the worst time to be a salesman. Heck, even salespeople hate receiving cold calls from other inside sales and field sales reps. Did someone say hypnosis?

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photo of a dog raising it's paw

10 Win-Loss Analysis Questions that Will Reinforce Your Sales Process

10 Questions to Ask Buyers in a Win-Loss Analysis 1: What is your decision making process like? 2: What key factor influenced your final decision? 3: What was your experience with our team? 4: How would you rate our product/service? 5: How would you describe our sales process timing? 6: Why did/didn’t you decide to buy now? 7: What’s our reputation in the industry? 8: What was the biggest difference between us and other considered solutions? 9: What’s the one thing you’d advise us to change? 10: Any additional comments or suggestions? 5 Rules of Successful Post Decision Interviews a)Conduct

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photo of someone writing 'deadly sins' on a chalkboard

The 7 Deadly Sins of Selling

Seven Sins of Selling 1: Insincerity 2: Not listening 3: Not following up 4: Shallowness 5: Eating excessive company resources 6: Being too pushy 7: Working hard versus smart Conclusion on the 7 Deadly Sins of Selling In sales, it can often feel like the only thing that’s truly unacceptable is failed quotas. After all, doesn’t the end always justify the means – Exitus acta probat and all that? It’s no secret; salespeople have done some pretty outrageous things to close a deal. But as important as hitting quotas and being salesman or saleswoman of the year may be, there’s a right way and

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