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Sales Productivity 2021: Artificial Intelligence

When asked, 71% of the C-Suite confirmed that Sales Productivity is critical for sustained sales growth. However, for over a decade, sales reps have been wasting 1-2 hours daily with non-selling activities. Artificial Intelligence is starting to be adopted to help eliminate non-selling activities. Read our blog posts to learn more.

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The Biggest Sales Productivity Pitfalls to Watch Out For

You’ve got the best talent in your ranks – the crème de la crème. But what exactly is preventing you from consistently pulling in great numbers? In sales, some people are born to sell while others need plenty of training. There’s no doubt you’ve got more of the former than the latter on your team. But have you considered that it might not exactly be a people problem? Sales productivity pitfalls are a real and potent threat. Sales Productivity This term refers to maximization of sales results while minimizing expenditure of resources at the same time. Basically, all companies want

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The Sales Playbook: What It Is and Why You Need One

As a sales manager or sales enablement leader, you’re no doubt used to juggling several functions at the same time. From budgetary constraints to adequately training your reps, you’re constantly expected to do a lot more with less. What’s more, sales leaders need to stay in good favor with their teams while making sure that Sales and Marketing play nice with each other. It’s no secret that both these departments can be very demanding. One of the questions sales enablement leaders constantly ask themselves is, “What one earth will my teams ask me to do next?” Well, what if you could come up

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5 Creative Non Financial Ways to Motivate your Sales Team

If there’s one universal truth that resonates throughout every single company, it’s that cash is king for your sales team. Salespeople—inside and outside— are not only paid on commission, they also earn hefty bonuses and kickbacks for all their hard work. I mean, c’mon, you’ve seen all the movies right? Some of the leading salesmen in the US are literally swimming in money; which seems to keep their sales beaks wet and on top of their game every day.    Unfortunately for sales managers, cash incentives are never bottomless; especially not if you want to make a decent sized profit. What’s more, we’ve

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The Future of Work in the Age of AI

Out of all the state of the art technologies poised to impact the future of work as a whole, research shows artificial intelligence will be among the top 5 most transformational influencers. But we’re not talking about decades or centuries. As we speak, AI tech already affects our day to day lives is numerous ways. Examples range from simple sales AI chatbots meant to enhance customer interaction all the way to collaborative banking AI systems that use complex anti-laundering algorithms. Many leading and globally renowned companies are already harnessing the power of AI to make faster, informed decisions and increase overall efficiency

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