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Sales Productivity 2021: Artificial Intelligence

When asked, 71% of the C-Suite confirmed that Sales Productivity is critical for sustained sales growth. However, for over a decade, sales reps have been wasting 1-2 hours daily with non-selling activities. Artificial Intelligence is starting to be adopted to help eliminate non-selling activities. Read our blog posts to learn more.

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The Future of Work in the Age of AI

Working in the AI Age 1: High Productivity Boosts in Future Workforce 2: Enhanced and Upskilled Workforce 3: New and Broader Job Markets for the ‘Missing Middle’ Conclusion Out of all the state of the art technologies poised to impact the future of work as a whole, research shows artificial intelligence will be among the top 5 most transformational influencers. But we’re not talking about decades or centuries. As we speak, AI tech already affects our day to day lives is numerous ways. Examples range from simple sales AI chatbots meant to enhance customer interaction all the way to collaborative

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