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Sales Engagement 2020: It's more noisy, crowded.

You're in a sales engagement race with your competitors. Customer expectations are evolving by the minute, and they want you to reach them on their schedule, preferred platform, and with the highest amount of personalization. Keep reading our sales engagement posts to learn how you can stand out from the competition.

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Email Signatures that Will Boost your Response Rates

Applying for your dream job? Or maybe you’re trying to sell your company’s products and services. Whatever the case, you’ve no doubt spent money, time and effort applying different strategies to boost the email response rate. So, why would you mess it all up with weak email signatures? No matter what field you’re interested in, the competition will always be fierce. How do you gain an advantage amidst all this opposition? I mean, it’s hard enough to leave a lasting impression in person let alone in an email. One of the best approaches is to design strong and effective signatures for emails. Signatures that

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Top 8 Email Marketing Best Practices

Emails are extremely powerful. How powerful are they? I’m glad you asked. Did you know that about 35 percent of customers who visited a website or purchased something did it just from seeing an email? Most of these people don’t even bother to open the damn thing – that’s the power of email marketing. There’s no doubt about it; email marketing has the highest ROI of all other avenues. And whether you’re selling online, running a blog, or gathering sales leads, every company needs a healthy email list. But getting the list isn’t the problem – the real question is, how

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7 Greatest Cold Call Openers of All Time

1. Sound Check Cold Call Openers 2. Overly Excited Approach 3. Friendly Narcissistic Appeal 4. Considerate Salesman Approach 5. Pattern Interrupt Hypnosis 6. The Honest Abe Approach 7: UB40 Reasons Cold Call Openers Tips to Remember when Structuring Cold Call Openers Tips to Remember when Structuring Cold Call Openers What do songs, stories, and cold call openers all have in common? Simple; the first few seconds determine whether you want to hear the rest or not. In those opening moments, you’re either blown off your socks with intrigue or it’s on to the next one. Heck, you’re probably contemplating whether

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The Wizard of Sales: A Savvy Salesman’s Guide to Covert Hypnosis

What is Covert Hypnosis? Pattern Interrupt Interrupt by Blocking Interrupt by Redirection Interrupt by System Overload Interrupt by Confusion Covert Hypnosis – Persuasion Techniques Powerful Persuasion Techniques to Use in Sales Top 6 Highly Persuasion Techniques to Apply in Sales & Life Conclusion on Sales Hypnosis Thanks to our increasingly hectic lifestyles, nobody’s got time to waste anymore. Especially not on strangers trying to hawk one thing or another. Factor in the relentless competition and it’s literally the worst time to be a salesman. Heck, even salespeople hate receiving cold calls from other inside sales and field sales reps. Did someone say hypnosis?

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10 Win-Loss Analysis Questions that Will Reinforce Your Sales Process

10 Questions to Ask Buyers in a Win-Loss Analysis 1: What is your decision making process like? 2: What key factor influenced your final decision? 3: What was your experience with our team? 4: How would you rate our product/service? 5: How would you describe our sales process timing? 6: Why did/didn’t you decide to buy now? 7: What’s our reputation in the industry? 8: What was the biggest difference between us and other considered solutions? 9: What’s the one thing you’d advise us to change? 10: Any additional comments or suggestions? 5 Rules of Successful Post Decision Interviews a)Conduct

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5 Cold Emailing Tips to Warm Your Cold Calling

Cold calling; there’s nothing new about the concept. For decades now, this solicitation technique has been applied by both salespeople and scammers in equal measure. Add in the fact that you’ve had absolutely no prior contact with the prospect and you might as well be a con artist trying to scam granny out of her pension. But even for legitimate salespeople, cold calling can be both an asset and liability. On one hand, sending hundreds of random cold calls could put your company’s reputation at risk. On the other, make too few calls and you also risk being put out

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