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Email Marketing's ROI is still above 3,000%

For over ten years, email marketing's return on investment has been above 3,000%—sometimes reaching almost 5,000%. But not all email marketing strategies and technologies are created equal. 1,000's of B2B sales reps rely on Veloxy for the trending email marketing insight to best engage with their target audience.

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How to Write Professional Business Emails

As the most widely used channel for business communication, writing emails is an essential skill that ought to be mastered by anyone looking to grow their companies. Veloxy shows you how to chalk up business emails like a professional.

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Email Blacklist: What It Is and How to Avoid It

If a marketer suddenly woke up from a nightmare, chances are he was dreaming about getting his email blacklisted. Not only can this negatively affect your ability to reach new subscribers, it also wreaks havoc on your current email list. As technology advances, so has the occurrence and style of fraud. As a result, ISPs have had to employ several means to protect their users from spam. This includes using spam traps, filters, and the dreaded email blacklist. Needless to say, all these measures make deliverability rates and engagement increasingly difficult for sales and marketing professionals. Fortunately, there is some

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How to Run Successful Email Marketing Campaigns on a Shoestring Budget

Email is one of the most conventional means of both marketing and communicating. However, it’s weathered the storms of social media and thousands of other mobile platforms. That includes Facebook, Twitter, Slack, RSS, and many more. But what exactly has helped email marketing campaigns remain a valuable medium all through this periodic marketing evolution? For starters, what started out as plain text has now evolved into highly customized and automated emails. Users enjoy mastered features such as CSS coding, HTML, live feeds, interactivity and many more. It’s no surprise that the number of email users in 2019 has ballooned to

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Email Signatures that Will Boost your Response Rates

Applying for your dream job? Or maybe you’re trying to sell your company’s products and services. Whatever the case, you’ve no doubt spent money, time and effort applying different strategies to boost the email response rate. So, why would you mess it all up with weak email signatures? No matter what field you’re interested in, the competition will always be fierce. How do you gain an advantage amidst all this opposition? I mean, it’s hard enough to leave a lasting impression in person let alone in an email. One of the best approaches is to design strong and effective signatures for emails. Signatures that

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3 Email Sequences You’ll Want to Adopt Today!

Sending out hundreds of emails manually can be a pain in the neck. Not only is it a lengthy and cumbersome process, it’s also hard to accurately follow up with all your prospects. Don’t get me wrong; there’s definitely room for manual email outreach. However, having the right automated drip sequence for your email campaigns can be a massive game changer. As a company, we’ve learned that email drip campaigns can be both a blessing and a curse. Done correctly, they’ll help your slowly build trust with prospects and lay the groundwork so you can eventually convert them into customers. But do it wrong and

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5 Tips to Master Email Pitches: Latest Research and Stats Included

Few things are as intimidating as sending email pitches to complete behind-the-screen strangers. You shudder at the thought of what your recipients might do. They might delete your cold email pitch or give it the old spam treatment. Better yet, they could effortlessly ignore it altogether. According to MailChimp, the average email open rate across industries ranges between 15.22 and 28.46 percent. What if you could get more of your recipients to open your emails, read them, and even respond to them?  Wouldn’t that be exciting? We got the email marketing experts here at Veloxy to divulge some of our own pitching

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Top 5 Tips For Savvy Outlook Email Management

Got an unread inbox list numbering in the hundreds? You’re not alone. According to 2019 email usage statistics, the average American worker will receive over 120 emails a day. Unfortunately, what you don’t know could be hurting you a lot more than you think. A heavily cluttered Outlook inbox could be slowing down your productivity substantially. Or worse, making you miss important messages. Whether you own a business or not, overlooking vital emails could mean losing out on major opportunities. From CEOs and Founders to marketers and sales reps, everyone is already familiar with Microsoft Outlook. After all, it’s the digital

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6 Types of Email Marketing Campaigns That Deliver Great Results

What’s the right email marketing campaign for my business? There’s no right or wrong marketing campaign. Nor do you need a specific type of email marketing campaign. Every serious business runs all or at least some of the options listed below. If you’ve not yet launched these campaigns, you’re most likely leaving tons of money on the table. Email Marketing Campaigns You Should be Using Newsletter Welcome emails Standard promotional campaign Cart abandonment campaign Seasonal email campaign Triggered email campaign Let’s now consider each of these campaigns in a little bit more detail. 1. Newsletter Nobody opens or reads marketing emails anymore, right? Wrong!

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The Future of Email Marketing: A Mosaic of Predictions

Everyone who’s worked in the ever-evolving world of business knows that change is the only real constant. Every aspect of managing a business keeps shifting. What worked yesterday won’t necessarily work today. And what delivers phenomenal results today might be worse than useless tomorrow. This equally applies to the world of email marketing. But what’s the future of email marketing? Will it continue being an important marketing channel? If yes, what aspects of it will change? While no one knows precisely what’ll happen, this post attempts to predict the future of email marketing with as much scientific accuracy as possible. What the

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