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Email Marketing's ROI is still above 3,000%

For over ten years, email marketing's return on investment has been above 3,000%—sometimes reaching almost 5,000%. But not all email marketing strategies and technologies are created equal. 1,000's of B2B sales reps rely on Veloxy for the trending email marketing insight to best engage with their target audience.

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Cold Email Copywriting: 10 Best Practices for 2022

As a salesperson, there is nothing more discouraging than writing a cold email only to receive an average open and response rate. Am I right? You followed “best practices”. You used subject lines from a popular ebook. And you sent the email from a feature-rich email marketing software. But should we be surprised with average open and response rates? The new year is upon us, and your target customer is spending 9.5 hours every single day consuming content. Some of that content happens to be a select few of the 121 new emails dropping in their inbox every single day. What makes your

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The 25 Best Cold Email Subject Lines To Help You Stand Out

Email marketing might be an effective way to promote your business. But according to The Radicati Group, the average business person gets 115 emails a day, and that number is growing. In other words, if you want to make an impact, you’ve got to craft an email that stands out from everything else in your customer’s inbox. One way to do that is to use a subject line guaranteed to get a great open rate. A good subject line will capture your reader’s attention and give them a sense of urgency when clicking on that email (be sure to use email

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Email Signatures that Will Boost your Response Rates

Applying for your dream job? Or maybe you’re trying to sell your company’s products and services. Whatever the case, you’ve no doubt spent money, time and effort applying different strategies to boost the email response rate. So, why would you mess it all up with weak email signatures? No matter what field you’re interested in, the competition will always be fierce. How do you gain an advantage amidst all this opposition? I mean, it’s hard enough to leave a lasting impression in person let alone in an email. One of the best approaches is to design strong and effective signatures for emails. Signatures that

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Top 5 Tips For Savvy Outlook Email Management

Got an unread inbox list numbering in the hundreds? You’re not alone. According to 2019 email usage statistics, the average American worker will receive over 120 emails a day. Unfortunately, what you don’t know could be hurting you a lot more than you think. A heavily cluttered Outlook inbox could be slowing down your productivity substantially. Or worse, making you miss important messages. Whether you own a business or not, overlooking vital emails could mean losing out on major opportunities. From CEOs and Founders to marketers and sales reps, everyone is already familiar with Microsoft Outlook. After all, it’s the digital

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Top 8 Email Marketing Best Practices

Emails are extremely powerful. How powerful are they? I’m glad you asked. Did you know that about 35 percent of customers who visited a website or purchased something did it just from seeing an email? Most of these people don’t even bother to open the damn thing – that’s the power of email marketing. There’s no doubt about it; email marketing has the highest ROI of all other avenues. And whether you’re selling online, running a blog, or gathering sales leads, every company needs a healthy email list. But getting the list isn’t the problem – the real question is, how

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