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Customer Expectations are rising, more demanding.

Customer service teams are busier than ever before, especially with the increased volume due to Covid-19. Your customers expect faster resolution times, a personalized experience, flexibility in communication channels (chat, phone, email, portal, in-person, etc.), and more. How is your sales team helping with the CX?

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illustration of a customer satisfaction meter

All New Customer Standards and What to Do About It

A while back, customers might have reached out to your support team for a quick query. However, today’s customer wants proactive service, flexible options, and an empathetic ear. After keeping our finger on the customer’s pulse all year round, here’s our diagnosis and recommendations for tackling higher customer standards.

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How to Use Chatbots When Dealing with Cases in Surge Volume

As everyone plays their part during these difficult times, a lot of people are staying at home and avoiding public places. Frontline workers are taking on demand scheduling while food delivery kits seem to be in high demand. Whether you had similar online services or not, one thing is clear. You’ll definitely need one now. Companies that set up such systems are reporting ballooning customer bases. Naturally, this leads to a surge in case volume which can quickly overwhelm a company. No matter what you’re selling, the last thing you want to do is lose customers because you couldn’t answer

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How to Rebuild Customer Trust After Losing It

Regaining a customer’s trust and rebuilding brand authenticity after you’ve messed up can be a challenging endeavor. It’s always easier for bad news to spread like bushfire all over social media and hurt your brand reputation and business at large. You see; most customers tend to run to online forums and social media platforms to write bad reviews when they’re dissatisfied by any product or service. And, it only takes one negative line in online reviews to scare prospective clients away and bring the whole business to a halt. While it’s advisable to treat customers with the respect they deserve

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How to Create Memorable Real-Time Customer Experiences

Great customer service extends past simply providing a product or service. In our previous article we looked at what modern customer service entails. Among the top qualities of good customer service expected by customers is speed and real-time assistance. Looking to the future, marketing experts agree that the major priority (and/or challenge) will be creating unique and memorable real-time experiences. Experiences that not only involve day to day business operations, but also include specific acts of going above and beyond the call of duty to please your customer – even if it means going back in your own pocket. In this segment,

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How to Become an Experience Focused Brand

In today’s highly competitive economy, 100% customer satisfaction and experience is more than a post service afterthought. According to Salesforce, 8 out of 10 customers say the experience provided by a company is just as important as their products and services. And by experience, they’re not necessarily referring to interactive ads or immersive content. Rather, more and more customers now expect personalized service, added convenience, and more importantly – consistency in each and every process. There are more touch points encompassed in these experiences ranging from a single ad all the way to product support or even your company’s sales

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6 Examples of Outstanding Customer Service that Deserve a Round of Applause

Evolving from a trivial non-issue that companies used to offer nonchalantly, customer service has now become the stronghold of many a business strategy today. The customer has never been as empowered as they are now; they expect bigger, cleaner, better and brighter every time they do business with you. Here are some quick stats to prove my point. Did you know that over 80% of customers ( are more likely to leave your brand FOR LIFE because of the service they get as opposed to high pricing? In fact, 86% of consumers report that they would actually pay more for a better

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What is Good Customer Service?

Great customer service is the lifeline of all business. You could offer discounts, sales, and all sorts of promotions. But you won’t achieve long term profitability or sustainability if you can’t get a few of those customers to come back. This is where customer service comes in. When done correctly, the goal is to bring customers back and send them away happy every time; happy enough to pass positive reviews and feedback to potentially new customers. According to author Peter Blackshaw, a satisfied customer will tell at least three friends while an angry one will shout out to 3,000 people.

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