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What are AI Sales Assistants?

AI Sales Assistants help sales reps by automating selling and non-selling activities via embedded artificial intelligence. These tasks can include Salesforce data entry, lead qualification and follow-up, pipeline management, forecasting, and more.

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How to Get your Organization AI Ready

According to a recent survey, companies implementing AI have increased 20% over the last four years. But on the flip side, about 63% of organizations are still yet to deploy this technology. So, what on earth could be holding them back? Is it a budget shortage, lack of talent, or data strategies preventing them from being AI ready? When it comes to the adoption of artificial intelligence, it’s easy for managers to get caught up in the hype. Everything moves so fast it’s easy to put the cart before the horse. Once there’s talk of AI and robotic automation in

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Veloxy Reviews at AppExchange

Recently, we nabbed G2 Crowd’s High Performer badge for 2020. Sure, this means we’re doing something right. But it also means that our customers are more than satisfied with our services. We’ve been checking out what you had to say about Veloxy on numerous platforms. The feedback has been simply phenomenal. Some of our customers have actually found unique uses for Veloxy that we had not anticipated. You can checkout some of Veloxy’s top reviews from Capterra. However, today is all about AppExchange and what reviewers there had to say.   What is AppExchange? Launched by Salesforce back in 2005, AppExchange is the world’s

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What is AI Sales Assistant Software?

Recently, Veloxy got awarded with G2’s high performer and momentum badge 2020 for being among the best AI sales assistant software. You can read all about it in our G2 blog post and see which ai powered features were rated by sales reps as a solid 5 out of 5. Likewise, Capterra, Appexchange and other software review sites have also seen Veloxy grab incredibly high user ratings compared to the competition. So, what makes Veloxy such a great partner for your business? Before we look at all the benefits that come with getting the plugin, let’s try and understand a few things first.

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Can AI Help Overcome the Dreaded No Decision?

Is AI coming for your job in the near future? Almost certainly. However, debating the impending AI domination and takeover is blasé. It’s ultimately unimportant for business leaders trying to drive growth and revenue. The main focus now is Artificial Intelligence and its potential to transform how well we sell. Looking at the sales world, AI is already making huge moves. From sales pipeline insights all the way to content recommendation, there’s a lot of areas that could benefit from an AI. One such area with untapped and significant opportunities (and arguably the biggest problem facing marketers) is the infamous “No Decision.”

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Veloxy’s Gleaming Reviews at Capterra

Late last year, Veloxy received the G2 Crowd’s High Performer winter 2020 badge. You can read all about this great achievement in our previous blog post. But that’s not all. We’ve also been getting a ton of excellent reviews and feedback on both Capterra and Appexchange. All this is made possible by you – the client, the prospect, the reviewer. So we’d like to take this chance and thank everyone for making Veloxy their default sales enablement software. In this segment, we’ll take a closer look at Capterra and why it’s an honor to be ranked highly by them. We’ll look at who exactly

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Veloxy Receives G2 Crowd’s High Performer Winter 2020 Badge

The G2 Crowd Winter reports are out and Veloxy is proud to announce our achievements and recognition. Ending the year 2019 with a bang, Veloxy received a G2 Crowd Winter High Performer Badge. Providing users with lead follow up, meeting scheduling and opportunity management, Veloxy Mobile is an AI powered virtual sales assistant available on your phone. It allows you to keep tabs on your calendar, inbox, contacts and other important events. Similarly, Veloxy attaches vital information such as contact and opportunity details to the caller ID. This way, your team will always know who is calling, what the call is about and how important

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How Salesforce Essentials and Veloxy Work Together to Meet Your Business Needs

Adapting Customer Relation Management (CRM) software that dots all the I’s is no easy feat. Not only does it have to be easy to use and affordable, it also has to be built to scale and able to play well with others. These aren’t just ungrounded opinions. Research shows that over 65% of CEOs and business leaders are personally responsible for up to 3 areas in their company. A large number of those carrying out complex tasks like manual data management on an ad-hoc basis. On the flip side, leaders that attempted to pare back their responsibilities found that there was no

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Business AI: Assistant or Replacement?

We’re definitely at the dawn of a new era; technology has never been so advanced or convenient. I mean, we’ve got cars that drive themselves, and planes that submerge underwater. But perhaps the most significant achievement the human mind has achieved to date is to recreate a non organic version of itself – Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to AI, today’s breed of tech and machines can actually comprehend, act, learn, think, and alter behavior according to new data in real time. AI is surely poised to transform numerous processes and overall productivity across the economy as a whole. But even in this

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