Veloxy Analytics

Get forecasts you can trust, and see how the calls, emails and actions of your team drive the pipeline.

Veloxy Mobile

Focus on productive sales activities, while a virtual assistant takes the work out of Salesforce updates.

Veloxy Inbox

Connect your Outlook to Salesforce and track emails, activities, leads and contacts, all in one place.

The Veloxy Solution

Smarter sales tools for Salesforce users.

Improve Salesforce engagement and keep focus on what drives the pipeline

Veloxy gets sales teams to engage in Salesforce, log activities and update their pipeline on the go. So sales management get better forecasts and visibility into what drive sales.

See where you are at every sales stage

Veloxy Analytics

See what truly drives the pipeline

Turn your Salesforce data into actionable insights and answer daily revenue and sales pipeline questions in seconds.

Veloxy Analytics give sales management unprecedented visibility into how sales activities relate to pipeline performance.

It also uses AI to remove sandbagging and forecasting biases in order to give you more accurate forecasts you can trust.

Veloxy Mobile – For reps on the go!

Save 30-40 minutes a day on Salesforce updates

Veloxy Mobile is a virtual sales assistant which guides sales reps to take the right actions at the right time. It proactively feeds you email notifications, upcoming meetings, prospect and opportunity details and priority tasks, based on your context and location. It also logs calls, email and texts into Salesforce for you.

Veloxy Mobile makes it a no-brainer to add and update leads, contacts and opportunities on the go, instead of waiting till later or not at all. Doing so, lets you get more out of Salesforce with less effort, and gives you 30-40 mins extra selling time per day.


Connect your Outlook to <em>Salesforce</em>

Veloxy Inbox

Save time and do it all in one place

Veloxy Inbox connects Outlook to your Salesforce account. Lead and contact details are at your fingertips, so you never need to search in Salesforce again.

Email templates speed up your communication, and you get instant alerts as your emails are read, hot prospects reply and important tasks come up.