Say No to Non-Selling Activity.

No data entry. No admin tasks. No manual lead prioritization. No downtime. No missed sales quotas. No more BS.


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Sell More.

No shortfalls.

No lost leads.

Simplify, shorten, and accelerate your sales cycles TODAY! Not a month from now. Immediately. There’s no limit to how much more revenue you’ll make.
Free for 15 days 30 days.


More annual selling hours when you automatically eliminate non-selling activities tied to Salesforce CRM. Spend more time meeting clients, improving the customer experience, closing more deals, and having more fun.


Shorter sales cycles when you predictably and proactively engage with customers when they want and where they want. That’s the power of Sales AI.


Most number of days it will take to experience an ROI from an annual subscription to Veloxy sales software.

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Sell faster.

Sell easier.

Sell smarter.

Every single day.

Unlike other sales software, you can start using Veloxy after one or two clicks. Salespeople built this software for inside and outside sales reps. Onboarding to Veloxy—and Salesforce—takes less than one day.

Start Free.

No gotchas.

No fine print.

If you use Veloxy for 150 hours and you don’t close more than $780 in new revenue (yes, that’s all), we’ll give you an additional 2 months of use and a second training session with our Sales Acceleration Director. This is our Power Guarantee!

The Potential of Salesforce. Unlocked by a Mobile App.

With Veloxy, we made extending Salesforce to your favorite devices easier. Your Salesforce data is accessible from one screen, easy to use and easy to understand. We eliminated the guesswork tied to sales by integrating predictive sales analytics with Salesforce—helping you engage with the right contact, at the right time, every time. In a nutshell, Veloxy helps Salesforce become everything to every salesperson.

I've used Salesforce for 15 years and tried just about every app available including Salesforce1. Veloxy is the best app by far!