In Home screen (shown below), tap on either Lead/Prospect icon or Checkout Nearby Leads/Prospects to see your Salesforce Leads/Prospects either as a list or in the Map.

You can use Veloxy to perform weekly Call Blitz. Tap on the Phone icon next to each Lead/Prospect. The phone call is automatically logged as Activity in Salesforce. Once you enable Veloxy Called ID, when one of these Leads/Prospects calls back, you will see their information instead of unknown phone number. Tap on Email icon next to each Lead/Prospect to send personalized template based email, Veloxy automatically logs this as Activity is Salesforce.

Tap on Map (shown above) to see all Leads/Prospects in the Map. You can zoom in/out the map. Each pin in the map (shown below) represents a Lead/Prospect. You can search for a Lead/Prospect. To see Leads/Prospects around a city/zip code, tap on the icon and type the city/zip code – the map moves to that City/zip code so that you can see Leads/Prospects there.

Tap on a pin to see the name of the Lead/Prospect, tap on the name to see details about the Lead/Prospect (Lead 360).
Lead 360 (shown below) is an aggregation of real-time information from Salesforce, Veloxy Email Analytics, Geo-location, LinkedIn, Twitter, your Emails and Meetings.

Tap on Log an Activity (shown above) to log an Activity in Salesforce. After entering information in Subject and Content fields tap Save to save the activity in Salesforce. You can use the microphone to voice dictate instead of typing.

Tap on Quick Reminder/Follow Up (Lead 360 screen) to Create a Task in Salesforce. Enter information in Subject and Comments fields. Select a due date and tap Save to save the Task in Salesforce.

Tap on Appointment/Event (Lead 360 screen) to Create an Appointment. Enter information in different fields. When you tap Save, a meeting is created in your Calendar, invite is sent to the Lead/Prospect and an Event is created in Salesforce.

Veloxy is fully integrated with Salesforce Views/Lists. Tap on Views (top left corner as shown above), to see the list of Leads/Prospects Views from Salesforce.

Tap on one of these Views/Lists to see the filtered list of Leads/Prospects.