The My Opportunity Pipeline portion of the Veloxy Home page (shown below) provides an overview of your current Opportunities by displaying the total amount of prospecting dollars and number of opportunities currently active for any date range.

Tap on either the Opportunities icon or the My Opportunity Pipeline section to see the list of Opportunities by Stage (shown below).

Tap on Map (shown above) to see all Opportunities in a Map (shown below). Zoom in or zoom out to see more or less number of Opportunities. Each pin represents an Opportunity. Tap on a pin to see Opportunity details. Tap on the details, it’ll take you to the Opportunity 360 view.

Type in the search field (see the arrow) to search for an Opportunity.

To see Opportunities around a city or zip code, tap on the icon (see above), type the city or zip code; the map will be moved to that city/zip code so that you can see Opportunities around the city/zip code.

Adjust Opportunity Filter to see Opportunities for a specific date range. If you have monthly or quarterly sales cycle, you can adjust the filter to show Opportunities for that duration only.Tap on the  (Filter icon, top right corner as shown below).

You will see the Opportunity Filter screen (shown below). You can change the From and To dates and Show in Progress Only filters. Tap Apply to see Opportunities based on the filter.

Veloxy is fully integrated with Salesforce Views/Lists. Tap on Views (top left corner as shown below), to see the list of Opportunity Views from Salesforce.

Tap on any View (shown below) to see the filtered list of Opportunities for that View.

Tap on an Opportunity (shown below), to see Opportunity 360 screen.

Opportunity 360 aggregates the Opportunity Specific real-time data from Salesforce, Veloxy Email Analytics, Geo-location, LinkedIn, Twitter, your Emails and Meetings.

Tap on the Phone icon to make Phone call, Text icon to send Text message and Email icon to send Email. All Phone calls, Text messages and Emails are automatically logged as Activities under this Opportunity in Salesforce.

In addition, you can Log an Activity, Create a Task/Follow up and Create an Appointment/Event. When you tap on Open in Salesforce (shown below), you will be able to see this Opportunity in Salesforce (either in Salesforce1 app or in web browser). As Veloxy is seamlessly integrated with Salesforce, you don’t have to sign-in to Salesforce, you’ll be automatically redirected to the Opportunity in Salesforce.

To edit an Opportunity, tap on the Edit (top right corner, shown above). You will be able to edit Name, Opportunity Stage, Next Steps, Amount and Close Date fields (shown below) and changes will be updated in Salesforce immediately.

Tap on Log an Activity (Opportunity 360 screen) to log an Activity in Salesforce. After entering information in Subject and Content fields tap Save to save the activity in Salesforce. You can use the microphone to voice dictate instead of typing.

Tap on Quick Reminder/Follow Up (Opportunity 360 screen) to Create a Task in Salesforce. Enter information in Subject and Comments fields. Select a due date and tap Save to save the Task in Salesforce.

Tap on Appointment/Event (Opportunity 360 screen) to Create an Appointment. Enter information in different fields. When you tap Save, a meeting is created in your Calendar, invite is sent to the Primary Contact of the Opportunity and an Event is created in Salesforce.