Tap on Explore Nearby Businesses (shown below), Veloxy displays all businesses near your location. Veloxy uses Google business to find businesses near you.

If you want to search for a business, tap on (top right corner, shown below) and type the business name.

Tap on the business (highlighted in blue) to see more information about the business (shown below). If you want to create a new Lead/Prospect, tap on Add as Lead/Prospect.

Veloxy auto-populates most of the information (shown below). Enter First Name, Last Name and any other information (like Email, Phone number, etc.) about the Lead/Prospect. Tap Save to create a new Lead/Prospect in Salesforce.

Lead 360 (shown below) is an aggregation of real-time information from Salesforce, Veloxy Email Analytics, Geo-location, LinkedIn, Twitter, your Emails and Meetings.

Tap on the Phone icon to make Phone call, Text icon to send Text message and Email icon to send Email. All Phone calls, Text messages and Emails are automatically logged as Activities under this Lead/Prospect in Salesforce.

Tap on Log an Activity (shown above) to log an Activity in Salesforce. After entering information in Subject and Content fields tap Save to save the activity in Salesforce. You can use the microphone to voice dictate instead of typing.

Tap on Quick Reminder/Follow Up (Lead 360 screen) to Create a Task in Salesforce. Enter information in Subject and Comments fields. Select a due date and tap Save to save the Task in Salesforce.

Tap on Appointment/Event (Lead 360 screen) to Create an Appointment. Enter information in different fields. When you tap Save, a meeting is created in your Calendar, invite is sent to the Lead/Prospect and an Event is created in Salesforce.