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How to Sell to Unique Niche Markets

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Selling to Unique Niche Markets

When we talk about unique niches, most people immediately think that they’re really tough to maneuver in the markets. However, unique niches can be a huge advantage when it comes to customer engagement. Why you ask? Well, your niche might just be a blessing in disguise. One that offers a competitive advantage, especially in today’s hectic business landscape.

Remember, you’re selling something unique, not rare. As such, it shouldn’t be hard to find people who need the product or service. For those of us in niche markets, we’ve identified the biggest drawback as figuring out where you really stand in the market landscape.

The good news is that selling unique products provides your company with substantial differentiation. This will always be your biggest advantage. If you’re selling something that isn’t widely available, this means you have less competition and can target an audience much more easily. What’s more, you can be direct and straightforward in your techniques.

Although customer engagement is simple, it becomes harder when you target a specific audience with specific needs. That’s why you need to get up close and personal with your customers and figure out what their expectations entail. Here are a few tips that will help you sell to niche markets more efficiently.

A. Conduct a market survey

If you want to expand your customer base, there’s no shortcut. You’ll need to conduct a market survey. Sure, the main goal here is to sell to unique niche markets. But first, you have to find out how many people are actually interested in the product. In simple terms, you’re looking for how sellable your unique product is before you can create a viable marketing strategy.

So, how do your reach out to your audience? From connecting to potential customers on social media to using online survey tools, the internet has made things a lot easier. An expert at social media marketing advises people to ensure the data they get is as detailed as possible. This will help you formulate a winning strategy and engage the right target audience without wasting resources.

B. Become approachable

After conducting your surveys and finding out who your potential customers are, it’s time to engage them. Get online and build a presence so people can find you. Sure, being approachable is essential for many businesses. But when you’re trying to sell to unique niches that feel more personal, a sense of approachability becomes even more crucial.

Again, we live in the era of the internet which gives businesses unlimited options to build approachability. Start by creating a great website and filling it with as much relevant content as possible. Other channels you can use include sending out emails. Make sure you have email engagement tools such as Veloxy Engage to take your email marketing to a whole other level. Whatever you do, keep your audience engaged and provide a sense of identity which makes them feel exclusive, appreciated and known.

C. Assess your competition in the unique niche

Hold your horses there partner. Before you jump head first into a pitch trying to convince your audience about the uniqueness of your product, you might want to conduct a bit more research. Dig a little deeper into your competition and see what you can find. Of course, niche markets mean you might find very few or no competitors at all. But the few you find will give you plenty of insight on how large a competitive advantage you have.

Try to investigate and gather as much information as possible about your competitor. This includes aspects like product quality, pricing, marketing strategy and their reputation. Similarly, check out their online reviews and feedback to find out what their customers are saying about them. If the competition is seeing a lot of success, find out how they’re doing it and present a unique concept to their audience.

D. Adopt influencer marketing strategies

Ever noticed this here trend (even for a unique niche)? It starts off with everyone being skeptical about a certain innovation or new product. But once a celebrity or someone they look up to starts talking about and using the same product, it becomes highly recommended all of a sudden. Influencers have built up their credibility overtime.

That’s why they present a great way to sell in unique niches as new customers will be more willing to follow suit. So, how do you find the best influencers for your particular product? That’s easy; most people will typically believe and emulate anything that celebrities do. But if you can’t afford one, there are plenty of online influencers and bloggers that will get your brand name out there.

Unique Niche Markets: Conclusion

While selling a unique commodity will always have its challenges (smaller groups of customers), you don’t have to let this become an impediment. All you have to do is take the time to know your audience, understand their needs and engage with them on a personal level. However, you need the right tools to know what type of customers you’re dealing with.

Likewise, checkout our article on how to identify and sell to the different types of buyer personas. Understanding each one will help you learn how to match them and increase your chances of success, especially in niche markets.

Remember to plugin Veloxy, so you can keep track of your customers’ needs, expectations and behavior patterns. Sales leaders can then use this data to generate forecasts and predictions that will not only improve the overall experience of multiple services and business operations, but also help in selling to unique niche markets.

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