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How to Run Successful Email Marketing Campaigns on a Shoestring Budget

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Email is one of the most conventional means of both marketing and communicating. However, it’s weathered the storms of social media and thousands of other mobile platforms. That includes Facebook, Twitter, Slack, RSS, and many more. But what exactly has helped email marketing campaigns remain a valuable medium all through this periodic marketing evolution?

For starters, what started out as plain text has now evolved into highly customized and automated emails. Users enjoy mastered features such as CSS coding, HTML, live feeds, interactivity and many more. It’s no surprise that the number of email users in 2019 has ballooned to 4 Billion strong. And despite the prominence and growth of mobile use, this number is set to hit 4.4 billion global email users by 2023.

From a marketing standpoint, no other strategy offers a better ROI than email marketing. Research shows that companies can expect almost $40 of revenue for every $1 spent on email marketing. However, this doesn’t mean that email marketing is cheap. Companies spend tens of thousands of dollars to guarantee the success of their email campaigns. So, how do companies with limited resources find a low cost email marketing solution?

4 Tips for Low Cost Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is necessary if any company wants to grow – no matter the budget. As such, it’s up to leadership to make confident choices on how to manage the available resources. Below are a few helpful tips and insights on how to run successful shoestring budget email campaigns.

1. Never Compromise on Effective, Frequent, and Unrestricted Communication

Like any other important process, email budgeting starts with knowing what’s essential and what’s not. Having an idea of what you can and can’t compromise on will help guide your functions. For companies that are just starting out, you’ll want to consider the number of contacts allowed in your subscriber list. You’ll also want to make sure you can send out as many emails and as many times as you want per month.

Unrestricted communication goes hand in hand with essential functionality. You’ll want a tool that comes with a variety of email templates so you can create professional looking emails quickly and effortlessly. To save on time, invest in helpful tools such as Veloxy Engage which offers arrange of solutions including pre made templates. All crafted in accordance with global email marketing best practices. Checkout our article on email marketing pitfalls everyone needs to avoid.

2. Forget about Deliverability and Support for Initial Email Marketing Campaigns

Junk mail and spam folders are a real thing. Nowadays, Outlook email users can create entire folders dedicated to trashing your emails before they even make it to their inbox. However, this shouldn’t be a major concern to companies trying to run a legitimate business. Not only are all reputable email marketing services on public listings, they’re also known to the major providers such as Google. What’s more, they come with built in features that ensure deliverability.

Sure, having more advanced features such as IP Pool Management would definitely make your email campaign more robust. But don’t allow the need to have constant monitoring, additional support or deliverability worries make you spend more money than you actually need to. Focus on creating professional emails and sending them out to as many people as possible at first. The rest will come later on.

3. If You Have to Ask Why, Then You Don't Need It

\It’s no secret, the functionality levels offered by email marketing services can be overwhelming, especially to new users. Everything sounds great and is presented as an essential feature. However, never allow marketing messages to mix you up about what is essential and what is not. As you saw in our previous post, there’s always helpful best email marketing practices you can follow. In this case, a feature isn’t really essential is you don’t immediately understand what it does or how you would use it.

Such features can always wait for a later date when your business has expanded and the budget allows it. Otherwise, you’ll be paying extra for features you don’t really understand, wasting valuable time and resources while you’re at it. One example of a feature to invest in later on is advanced analytics. The data generated is excellent yet useless if you don’t know how to interpret and act on it.

4. Keep Additional Personnel Costs in Mind for Email Marketing Campaigns

If you’ve ever run a successful marketing campaign in the past, you’ll realize that nothing is set and forget. Most of the advanced features require continuous surveillance, ongoing evaluation, optimization and maintenance for them to be effective. As such, all organizations need to factor in this cost to their email marketing budget. If you can’t afford the necessary human resources to run your email features effectively, then you’re wasting money getting the feature in the first place.

Let’s check out an example of a feature that requires dedicated personnel. A/B testing could come with a plan that allows users to test out 10 different version of the same email. However, that’s only effective if you have the required resources to create 10 strategically considered variants. But that’s not all. You also have to analyze data from each one and draw conclusions and solutions of how to proceed. For your email campaign to be successful, you have to be able to afford personnel to create copies, designs and strategies.

Final Word on Low Cost Email Marketing Campaigns

There you have it – everything you need to run a successful email campaign on a budget. One final option to seriously consider if you’re low of resources is to find a comprehensive solution that still comes with all the essential features.

The right tool saves you time, helps you minimize mistakes, and enables you to design stunning campaigns. Veloxy Engage is hands down the best email template builder in the world. Not only does it save you time with ready templates, it also includes an array of added benefits such as:

  • Reach numerous prospects in one go
  • Add more people to your email list
  • Know when your emails are read or forwarded with real time alerts
  • Analyze and improve email engagement
  • Log all email activity and save key emails to Salesforce
  • Make bulk cold emails CAN-SPAM compliant before sending
  • Add new prospects to Salesforce and set up a meeting in seconds
  • Create unlimited personalized email templates

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