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How to Increase Adoption of Your IT Solutions

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“It’s not working, usage is declining. No, it’s the user interface which is not intuitive. I think people just find it hard to use these new IT solutions!” “Well, have you tried turning it on and off again?”

This is just a sample of a conversation that happens in thousands of organizations every day. As technology and innovation advance at near light speed, the demands on IT leaders are more intense than ever. In our post about upcoming tech changes in 2020, we touched on what this decade holds in store. According to a recent survey, over 35% of businesses are already invested in digital technologies with top executives making it part of their overall business strategy.

If your company has begun implementing new technologies, you’re well on your way to joining the big leagues. We’re seeing an explosion of implementation of tech such as mobile, cloud, SaaS, ERPs, EHRs and many more. As always, new technology will make your organization more productive, effective and accountable. However, this only works if the people in your company actually put the tech to good use.

If users fail to adapt to and adopt the new changes, then your investment is a successful waste of time, money and effort. Your return on investment will tank substantially. So, how do you improve user adoption? Well, training users helps. However, true adoption is achieved by gaining commitment and buy ins. You also have to realize that introducing new tech disrupts the daily routine of your employees and factor that in your strategy. Below are 6 sure fire tips for increasing the adoption of new IT solutions.

1: Ensure Executive Buy-in and Sponsorship

When it comes to getting budget approval for enterprise software investment, nothing is more important than executive sponsorship. However, the role of business leadership need to expend beyond just that. Executives can also bolster and encourage IT adoption.

They can show support for new tech solutions by dedicating a budget for training and resource development. In addition to requiring its use, executives can also demonstrate buy in by using it themselves. If you want to ensure executive buy in, evaluate solutions with robust executive dashboards and report capabilities as early as possible.

2: Engage Your Users Right from the Selection Process

The worst thing a company’s leadership could do is spring all sort of new tech on their employees without even consulting them first. When scouting for new technological solutions, it’s very important not to alienate professionals who will actually use these solutions on a day to day basis.

Make sure you involve users right from the very first stage to the last. This includes the process of developing requirements, the selection process, and even the development planning stage. To achieve this, many organizations create a cross functional team with employees from all tiers of the company’s hierarchy. This approach ensures a diversity of voices and hands the seeds of ownership to the users.

3: Develop an Initial Training Approach to IT Solutions

Out of all the tips here on how to increase adoption of your IT solutions, proper and personalized training remains the most important. Without it, users won’t make the most out of the new technology. Fortunately, many vendors offer varied training options as part of your purchase. That’s the good news. The bad news is that most of this training is just off the shelf, standardized and not really specific to your business process.

Training should not just be PowerPoint presentations. Your users need to see the system live and in action. To improve IT adoption, ensure the training is specific to each stake holder group as well as tailored to the way they work. This way, everyone will learn faster and adapt to new tech in the same way. Consider offering different training methods such as class rooms, digital content, hands on training and others that guarantee user preparation.

4: Measure Performance Before, During, and After Deployment of IT Solutions

Enterprise software deployment always tends to improve key performance metrics around the workplace. This is great! The problem comes in when no one communicates the improvements. Business leaders need to leverage on these improvements to highlight the effectiveness of the new solution and touch on the efforts of the entire team.

While this tip definitely enhances user adoption, it requires a few prior steps. First, you have to baseline the performance before the tech was deployed. Then, you have to continually measure the metrics over the course of deployment. Likewise, never hesitate to include intangibles in your report. These include real life stories of how the new solution made work easier.

5: Monitor and Self Correct

Once the new solution has been deployed and put to use, there’s still much left to be done. As we mentioned earlier, introducing new tech will always cause major disruptions in the workplace. As such, you need to continually monitor the implementation schedule and revise it into manageable stages where necessary.

Give your stakeholders plenty of opportunities to provide feedback, share their opinions and concerns. This feedback will go a long way towards giving management important insights into what’s working and what may need to be tweaked. Remember, never assume that everything will run on its own once deployment is complete. You’ll always need to develop measurable success factors and performance metrics in addition to regular evaluation.


While successful enterprise software implementation largely depends on the solution you pick, it’s equally important to make sure that users understand and put the new solutions to good use. This New Year, one of the hottest solutions companies need to implement is Veloxy.

Veloxy is a stunning smart CRM app built specifically for salespeople. It integrates with Salesforce and Google to contextualize them for easy user presentation. Veloxy also boasts of a super speed search engine that can browse through your calendar, emails, contacts, sales opportunities among others.

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