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How Salesforce Essentials and Veloxy Work Together to Meet Your Business Needs

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Adapting Customer Relation Management (CRM) software that dots all the I’s is no easy feat. Not only does it have to be easy to use and affordable, it also has to be built to scale and able to play well with others.

These aren’t just ungrounded opinions. Research shows that over 65% of CEOs and business leaders are personally responsible for up to 3 areas in their company. A large number of those carrying out complex tasks like manual data management on an ad-hoc basis. On the flip side, leaders that attempted to pare back their responsibilities found that there was no one to both introduce and manage new tech solutions.

It’s for this very reason that Salesforce Essentials was created. Fast, edgy, and intuitive, SE takes the worlds #1 CRM and tailors it to both the budget and operational requirements of SME’s. The flexible app based structure gives users a complete overview of service operations and sales which translates to an improved ability to tap into Salesforce in a way that is scalable and makes sense. So, how does Salesforce Essentials work to fit into your business model?

6 Ways Salesforce Essentials and Veloxy Work Together

1: User Friendly

One of the most frequently asked questions from SMEs is how they can integrate new CRM into their daily operations without disrupting processes that are already running. In fact, over 93% of SMEs say that easy set up and low maintenance are some of the selling points they look for when evaluating any new tech for their companies.

To ensure seamless integration and prevent these businesses from defaulting back to their original settings (i.e. spreadsheets), Salesforce Essentials makes things easier to use and faster to ramp up. For instance, it allows users to completely skip the tedious steps associated with data entry. Instead, users can directly upload required data from email, spreadsheets, calendar and more right into Essentials.

2: Compatible with Most Modern Apps

In addition to being user friendly, a great CRM has to be compatible with most of today’s apps and devices. CRMs that play well with others not only allow intersystem communication, they also make the lives of business owners that much easier.

Salesforce Essentials (SE) integrates seamlessly with a variety of platforms such as Google Cloud’s G Suite which lets users connect their calendar, email, and any other data. And if your current needs extend beyond Google, you can make use of AppExchange and plug in systems like Veloxy Mobile to help harness the power of the entire ecosystem by customizing and personalizing your CRM.

3: Effortless to Onboard

Did you know that almost 75% of all mid-sized companies and SMEs don’t bother to keep in-house IT staff? This means that most ventures are completely flying solo and unassisted when it comes to implementing new tech on the daily.

Not only does SE make use of a simple setup assistant built right into their products, they also provide detailed answers to questions on a fun and interactive knowledge trove known as Trailhead ( It explains everything from how CRMs work to detailed specifics on SE’s functionality. With Trailhead, SMEs can learn about broad topics like fostering innovation and take their knowledge to the next level.

4: Smarter Decision Making thanks to AI Enhancements

Here’s another quick fact – SMEs spend around 25% of an average workday manually entering data into the system. Needless to say, this is a massive waste of time and effort. With Salesforce Essentials and the built in Einstein AI, companies can now work smarter by automating basic sales activities.

This tech automation keeps your customers’ records up to date without the unnecessary and tedious data entry process. It just syncs the user’s calendar and email while helping prioritize your inbox under different criteria. Not only does this save time, but businesses can now identify new opportunities and close deals faster. And since there’s no such thing as too much AI, Veloxy also provides AI capabilities such as feeding your teams with the right information at the right time for their next task depending on several factors such as their context and location.

5: Routine and Effortless Tri-annual Upgrade

As with any good software or system, routine upgrades and maintenance are necessary for long term sustainability. Salesforce Essentials is no different; they automatically update their products every four months to keep their customers on the leading edge of CRM tech. The best part is that all data is left safe and intact even after the updates. Yes, this also includes all your system settings and data on Veloxy.

6: Grows with You

For most SMEs, growth is usually the leading business objective. This means that scalability is a key objective that will always be at the forefront of any business owner’s agenda. As such, you’ll want to apply technology solutions that allow for scalability.

Salesforce Essentials lets users upgrade to service CRM or full scale Sales when their businesses start making the push out of the SME category. And all this added functionality in just a few easy clicks. As for your tools, plugins and data, there’s no need to worry because everything remains intact even when you achieve full scalability.

Conclusion on Salesforce Essentials and Veloxy

With effortless integration and levels of functionality that hit an all time high, it’s no wonder numerous SMEs view Essentials as Salesforce’s best innovation yet. If you’re the type of business owner that values convenience, due diligence, and the latest in CRM AI, make sure you grab Veloxy – the best add-on for Salesforce.

Veloxy Mobile and Veloxy Engage allow companies to make the most out of Salesforce by saving time, helping your team stay on task and get as much as you can out of both Salesforce and Essentials. And if you use Outlook or Gmail for your corporate email, Veloxy Engage puts Salesforce data right in the email interface. The add-on enables CAN-SPAM compliance, bulk email, templates, email tracking, analytics and much more.

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Samir Majumdar

Samir Majumdar

Samir is the CEO and Co-founder of Veloxy. After spending 20+ years creating corporate systems, boosting revenue, and eliminating inefficiencies, Samir started Veloxy to help sales professionals shorten sales cycles, accelerate pipelines, and close more deals.

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