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Dreamforce Guide 2021: Everything You Need to Know

Dreamforce – that’s all the business community’s talking about right now.

In just a couple of weeks, Salesforce+ will be totally taken over by various professionals from all over the world. Hundreds of thousands; safely gathered virtually for the largest tech party of the year – Dreamforce.     

For our community of customers, employees and partners, the event is hands down the highlight of the year. But if you’re new, you might be wondering what all the hubbub is about. Not to worry, we’ve put together this in-depth guide to show you exactly what Dreamforce is. We’ll also shed some light on what happens and why you definitely can’t afford to miss out this year. 

On a sidenote, this year’s Dreamforce is being held virtually due to COVID restrictions. In-person attendance is strictly invite only. If you are invited, you will receive a personal, nontransferable link to register via email.

For those who don’t get an invite, you can bet it’ll be just as much fun and activity-packed as it usually is (yes, there will be a virtual concert).

The best part about Dreamforce 2021 is that it’s absolutely free for you to attend and will be streamed live for all to see. If you have trouble registering, call Salesforce’s customer support at 1-866-855-3818.

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What is Dreamforce?

Dreamforce is a three-day long mega event that brings the entire Salesforce community together once a year. It’s a fun, enlightening and inspiring experience that celebrates the world’s best CRM.

At Dreamforce, trailblazers from all around the world congregate to exchange stories, share successes, learn from their counterparts, and have a great time while doing it (yes, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with your Trailblazer colleagues) .

Check the link to the Schedule here to discover what you can expect on each day.

Dreamforce is for each and every trailblazer out there. It doesn’t matter if you run a small family business with one store or a conglomerate of Fortune 500s. In the end, there’ll always be plenty of things for everyone to take away.

Did you know that 85% of Salesforce customers are small to medium-sized businesses?

That’s why Dreamforce regularly hosts approximately 200,000 registered attendees across every industry from all corners of the world each year. What started off as a small conference in 2003 is now one of the most inspiring four days a business person could hope for. 

From visionary thinking and inspiring keynotes all the way to future technologies and actually taking steps that will ripple across the globe, there’s a lot happening at Dreamforce. Below, we’ve outlined the schedule as well as a direct link to it so you can get all the key details.

What Happens at Dreamforce?

There’s never a dull moment during each of the three days. At any given time, there will be innovative demos, customer success stories, thought leadership, informational sessions, and inspirational keynotes. Here’s a link to this year’s Schedule including all the big ticket items that you just can’t afford to miss.

Worried you’ll miss something? Don’t be. Over 100 hours of Dreamforce 2021 content will be recorded and hosted on-demand after the event.

So… what’s happening at Dreamforce 2021?

I: Learning

At its very core, Dreamforce is and will always be a learning experience. There’s just so much to learn! Attendees get training and certification opportunities, demos and so much more! 

However, it’s easy to feel overloaded with all these things happening at the same time. The key is to narrow down and curate your experience to locations that will help you the most.

a. Trailblazer Channel

Move over Netflix! Dreamforce 2021 attendees will be allowed to browse different channels, including the Trailblazers Channel. Here, attendees will learn from their fellow Salesforce power users and raving fans. Be sure to tune in to discover future product launches and innovations.

II: Inspiration

If there’s one thing all trailblazers can agree on, it’s that inspiration goes hand in hand with learning. Over the years, Dreamforce has hosted industry pioneers, thought leaders, and notable personalities to talk about all sorts of topics.

The list of inspiring people include Tristan Harris advising on AI ethics, Former VP Al Gore talking about the climate crisis and even actors like Tracee Ellis discussing equality. Trailblazers also get inspiration from other things beyond discussions and keynotes. They get to learn about new technologies and tools. But most importantly, they get inspired by seeing how huge of an impact they can make in just a few days.

a. Visionary Speakers

As you already know, Marc Benioff, the founder and CEO of Salesforce, will headline the inspirational speaker lineup (as he should be!). Below is a list of other notable names:

  • Will Smith, Actor and Musician
  • Nice Nailantei Leng’ete, Global Ambassador Amref, Time 100
  • Jane Fonda, Actor, Producer, Author & Activist
  • Blake Leeper, Paralympian and Actor
  • Catherine MacGregor, CEO of ENGIE
  • Ola Källenius, CEO of Mercedes-Benz
  • Jennifer Tejada, CEO of PagerDuty

III: Giving Back

Charity and giving back has been part of Dreamforce’s personality since its inception. Just as two heads are better than one in business, Salesforce believes many hands make light work. Dreamforce partners with different nonprofits every year to bring attendees opportunities and help those in need.

It could be volunteering time to help young adults or donating towards school supplies. Some of the organizations supported in the past include Children of Shelters, USA Girl Scouts, Hamilton Families, Benioff Children’s Hospital among others.

a. Dreamforce Gives

We live on one planet. Salesforce appreciates this fact, which is why they’re choosing to donate $1 million dollars to preserve, grow, and plant trees. Because the Salesforce community is filled with big-hearted users such as yourself (yes you!), attendees are being encouraged to contribute to the initiative. You can learn more about the Salesforce Giving Back campaign here: Dreamforce Gives

IV: Having a Blast

As a character trait, trailblazers tend to be passionate and fun loving. Get all of them together in one place and it’s bound to be a good time. In between all the keynotes, learning and inspiration, there are plenty of fun activities taking place.

a. Dreamforce Opening Celebration

You may have heard that big bands such as Metallica have played live concerts at Dreamforce before. While we’re all playing it safe this year, Salesforce still wanted to deliver music and entertainment to their event’s attendees.

On Tuesday, September 21, at 9pm EST, there will be a streaming concert for all to enjoy. Be sure to follow Salesforce on Twitter @Salesforce to discover the name of the musical entertainment.

“Hi, I’m Swift, the fastest Sales Cheetah on the planet! Be sure to follow me and my friends at Veloxy during Dreamforce. We’ll be sharing insightful updates and invitations to our Q4 events and promotions! Here’s our Twitter handles:”

The Dreamforce Handbook: A Simple but All Embracing Treatment for Savvy Dreamforce Attendees

At Dreamforce, there’s no such thing as TMI. Veloxy gives you some more tips, concise information and tips for making the most of your Dreamforce experience.  


Dreamforce remains among the largest Tech conferences in the world. Prior to COVID, almost 200,000 partners, customers, and prospects all descended on San Francisco for the Dreamforce Extravaganza.   


This year, Dreamforce promises to deliver a valuable virtual experience. From exceptional speakers with thousands of keynotes and breakout sessions to the wildest parties of the year; there’s always something happening.


But even with so much going on at Dreamforce, it’s easy to lose track of time and get so little done. We already drew up a Dreamforce Guide to help you maneuver the mega event and know what to expect. But when it comes to Dreamforce, there’s no such thing as TMI. That’s why Veloxy’s crafted this simple but helpful handbook for the savvy attendee to get everything done comfortably and post haste.

Dreamforce Schedule

Step One: Review the Dreamforce schedule to highlight the can’t miss events.

Here’s a link to the full schedule.

There’s over 30 events to choose from, some taking place at the same time as others. Be sure to review the schedule with your colleagues so your sales organization can cover all of its bases. While  the events will be recorded for on-demand access, us humans have a tendency to procrastinate, so don’t miss out on the events with applicable insight and best practices that you can start using after Dreamforce.

a. Top Must-Attend Dreamforce Events

Monday, September 21
  • Digital Workplace: Experience-led, Outcome-driven
  • Grow Faster with Customer Centric Commerce on Salesforce
  • The New Sales Playbook to Accelerate Growth from Anywhere
Tuesday, September 22
  • Getting Back to Growth: B2B Sales Reimagined
  • Three New Rules Shaping the Future of Business
  • Connected Customer Service Built for Effortless Experiences
Wednesday, September 23
  • Personal Connections: Key to Success in an All-Digital World

Dreamforce Episodes

Besides safety, the greatest benefit of having Dreamforce virtual this year is that the content will be accessible on-demand.

While you’ll want to prioritize the live events so you can rapidly apply the best practices before your competitors do, you’ll also want to bookmark the 100+ hours of valuable content built in episode format.

How many episodes are there? Over 100, plus 20 episodes provided by Dreamforce sponsors, many of which are also Salesforce solution providers.

Here’s the episodes we’re highlighting:

a. Top Must-Watch Dreamforce Episodes

Monday, September 21
  • Industry Success from Anywhere
  • Saving the Planet: Responsible Business
  • The Next Normal Designed by the Next Generation
Tuesday, September 22
  • Explore Slack & Salesforce’s Successful Path to Integration
  • Six Guiding Principles for CRM Adoption
  • Inclusion in the Spotlight
Wednesday, September 21
  • Sustainability Priorities in the Race to Net-Zero
  • Your Roadmap for Connected, Effortless Service
  • A Trailblazer Guide to Modernizing Customer Service
Sponsored Episodes On-demand
  • The Future of Sales: Bold Transformation – Deloitte
  • How to Build Real Customer Lifetime Value

Covid, Dreamforce, and the Virtual Experience

It’s 2021. Covid is still lingering. You’re doing your part to help your community make it through. With this being said, people are still stressed from the experience of the past year and a half.

Salesforce is aware of this, which is why they have published a Code of Conduct for this years’ virtual Dreamforce event.

You can read it here: Dreamforce Code of Conduct

Please take a minute to sit back in your chair, breathe, and remember everyone else is going through a similar experience. While this won’t prevent some people from creating gaslight conversations, be the bigger person and be peaceful.

Main Keynote

Out of all the keynotes at Dreamforce, the main one is always something to look forward to. On the first day of the event (Sep 21st), we’ll have the main keynote. It’s going to be held by co-CEOs Mark Benioff and Keith Block alongside some very important clients.

 The goal is to welcome and energize new attendees, share the latest trends and present new features and products from Salesforce. As you would expect, there are extremely long queues to get into the main Keynote room. In 2019, you needed to queue an hour in advance just to get a seat in the main room. 

However, this year will see far less people show up to the event than any other year. This means most people will be able to catch the main keynote in person. For those unable to attend, you can watch it live on Salesforce+ for free. 

Other Types of Channels to Tune Into:

1: Prime Time

This is a channel that collects all of the biggest moments of Dreamforce 2021.

2: Customer 360

As the name suggests, this is a channel to learn how you can acquire a complete view of every customer in Salesforce.

3: Industries Channel

No two industries are alike, and this includes your industry! Tune in to browse stories from your industry’s trailblazing innovators who found new ways to drive growth.

Post Dreamforce

After each day or session, it’s important to make a summary of the key things you’ve learnt as well as action items for future reference. On the very last day, consolidate all of them into a clear image plan. It’s no secret that attending Dreamforce was expensive when it was a live event, so squeeze all of the juice that you can from this free event

As such, it’s crucial to share the knowledge with colleagues and follow up to get the best ROI. The best part about this year’s Dreamforce is that the streamed content will still be available even after the event.

Rare Tips and Cheats for a Successful Dreamforce

1: Our first tip might not be so rare, but it’s worth mentioning nonetheless. It’s extremely important to identify specific goals in advance. Obviously, these will depend on your career, roles and responsibilities. For instance, administrators could really benefit from learning how to integrate Salesforce with Outlook by plugging Veloxy

2: Keep your schedule light. Filling up your agenda might seem like a great idea, but burnout is real. Leave some time for networking, chatting with friends, and having fun.

3: When planning your Dreamforce sessions, make sure you consider the time it takes to get from one location to the next. Even 15 minute delays between four sessions means time leaving and joining.

4: Dreamforce veterans advise wearing dressing comfortably. Sitting too long can initiate aches and fatigue.

Final Word

There you have it fellow trailblazers; everything you need to know about Dreamforce all neatly wrapped up in this segment. By now, I’m sure you can’t wait to attend this year’s Dreamforce and be part of the magic. But hold on, there’s something you have to do first. Dreamforce is a marquee event of the year and a very hot ticket.

Anyone who wants to attend has to Register. This year (2021) Dreamforce is absolutely free for anyone to attend.  

Here at Veloxy, we hope you have a very successful week at Dreamforce. If you have any more questions or want to learn more about Dreamforce, checkout our blog page for these and more. And remember, Dreamforce is all about technology and making it easier for companies to do business. So if you’re using the #1 CRM in the world, make sure you also get the #1 extension.

And remember, all the business leaders are using top of the line CRM to manage their businesses. If you’re using the #1 CRM in the world (Salesforce) make sure you also get the right tools for the job. Veloxy offers comprehensive sales enablement and predictive forecasting which makes it easier for sales teams to keep their pipeline current. From Veloxy Engage which amps up your email capabilities to Veloxy Mobile that serves as a personal assistant, these tools take the work out of sales so your team can focus on more productive activities.

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