Technology is the great equalizer.  Don’t believe me?  Consider this:  The technology available to the sales sector today makes it possible for one person to accomplish the same amount of work that would have occupied multiple individuals just a decade ago.

Mobile and cloud-based solutions literally put the necessary tools in the palm of your hand.  Information once stored on reams and reams of paper and only accessible in the office is now available at the touch of a button, 24-hours a day, anywhere in the world.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is the embodiment of this sales sea change.  But how can you, as a salesperson, use this technology to increase efficiency and productivity?  How can you use it to maximize sales?

Let’s answer that question by examining a few of the components that go into a good CRM suite.



The heart of any good sales software suite is the contact manager.  Gone are the days of the Rolodex and the paper file folder.  Modern contact management brings everything together in one, easy-to-access place.

But there’s more to it than availability.  Good contact management software should be about improving productivity and efficiency.  It should be intuitive, easy to use, and provide all the details you’re looking for in just one or two clicks.  That way, you can focus on selling rather than hunting for information.



A good CRM software suite is more than just a digital address book.  The real power of CRM software lies in its ability to track what needs to be done—and what has already been done.  What’s more, good CRM suites offer automation tools that can shave minutes, if not hours, off your follow-up process.

No more reading through pages and pages to see what’s been done and what hasn’t.  CRM software corrals everything you need in to one, easy-to-read screen.



Working together can sometimes feel like a tug-of-war.  CRM software incorporates collaboration features that put both individuals (and groups) on the same side so they can pull together.  These features keep all communication on a given topic (or between a given group) in one place and maintain a running history of all information discussed.

And if follow-up between salesperson and client is important, follow-up between work groups may be more important.  Some CRM suites automate the follow-up process between work groups to further facilitate working together to maximize sales.



A good messaging center is flexible and allows for the transmission of a variety of different formats.  The best suites make it possible to send not just text-based emails and SMS, but audio and video messages as well.

So whether you’re messaging your supervisor, your sales force, or your client, the process should be both simple and powerful and give you the power to stay in touch.  CRM software does that.



Mobility is one of the most important aspects of 21st-century technology.  Cloud computing in particular has done much to cut costs and improve productivity across the board.  Maintaining servers and ensuring access was once a costly endeavor but businesses can now pay a fraction of what was once required to host data on professionally-maintained servers.  This new mobility provides round-the-clock access without the cost and labor involved in doing it yourself.


Putting it all together

Never before has the opportunity to improve and maximize sales been greater.  No longer are you tied to one location and dependent on the files and computer hardware there.  Modern CRM software puts everything you need exactly where you need it—wherever you are.

Veloxy’s CRM software can help you maximize sales with a powerful suite of tools that will have you working efficiently like never before.  Don’t let another day go by without getting the most out of the technology available.  Contact Veloxy now and let us show you how close sales success can be.

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