At its most basic, the sales pipeline is composed of three levels:

  • Leads
  • Prospects/Opportunities
  • Customers

And while your sales pipeline may be labeled differently and contain more than three levels, everything boils down to these basic concepts.

While the pipeline itself looks simple, managing the individuals through and at each level can be an organizational nightmare if not handled properly.

Things are relatively simple if you’ve got one individual at the lead level, one individual at the prospect/opportunity level, and one individual at the customer level.  You can pretty much keep track of what needs to be done in your head.  Send an email to the lead on Wednesday morning.  Call the prospect next Monday afternoon at 2:30 p.m.  Take donuts to the customer Friday at 9:30 a.m.

But now imagine if you had 100 individuals at the lead level, 75 individuals at the prospect/opportunity level, and 25 individuals at the customer level.  Each and every individual has their own preferred contact method and schedule.  Oh, and don’t forget about trying to remember which individual likes which donuts.  And that’s just for individuals.  Business contacts require tracking even more information because you are often dealing with multiple individuals at a single company.

So if 25 of those at the prospect level are businesses (as opposed to individuals) each with 5 contacts to track, you’ve suddenly got 125 more people to stay in touch with (because any of them could lead to a sale).  Keeping all of that organized and getting it done each week can be next to impossible without a little help.


Technology to the rescue

Nurturing your leads, prospects/opportunities, and customers efficiently is a must if you hope to achieve sales success. The key word in that last sentence is “efficiently”.  Sure, there are any number of apps and software platforms that act as a contact manager but is that really helping you be more efficient?  Tablets and smart phones may facilitate the mobility of all that data, but, again, are they really helping you be more efficient?

True efficiency can only be attained by what has become known as “predictive sales enablement”.  Apps and cloud-based software that fall into this category, aggregate data from internal and external information systems such as emails, calendars, social media, corporate websites, geo-location, and CRM (just to name a few), and present it contextually with a single tap of the screen.

Then, to really push the boundaries of efficiency, these type of apps provide predictive and proactive notifications about what needs to be done and when.  Imagine a platform that acts like your personal assistant that:

  • tells you who to call or email (helps you building a very robust sales pipeline)
  • tells you “nearby” leads, opportunities and accounts when you are in the field so that you can sell more
  • notifies you when you received important emails
  • set a contact schedule for follow-up
  • collate all relevant information from many different data sources on a prospect in one place
  • keep you in touch with your team
  • notifies you when a team member updates the pipeline
  • and much more

Sounds too good to be true but it’s not.  These platforms do exist and they’re just waiting to be put to use to push your efficiency and sales to the next level.

One sales manager had this to say about one such predictive sales software platform (Veloxy):

“I get more than 200 emails every day and with non-stop days, I’m fully engaged with my customers and leads.  I don’t always have time to go back and check on an email or calendar event.  With Veloxy, I can be in the middle of a call and my Apple Watch will vibrate with a critical notification.  Last week alone, I was able to shoot off four action items tom my team that would otherwise have gotten lost in the fray.”

And that’s just one feature of this amazing technology.  Imagine what you could do with everything these platforms have to offer.

Don’t delay any longer.  Take this advanced technology for a spin and see how it can help you manage your sales pipeline more efficiently and lead to increased sales. Find out how Veloxy can help you reach sales success by visiting for more details. Try Veloxy. It’s free for a limited time!

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