Veloxy Smart MeetingSunrise, sunset. Swiftly flow the days! And the hours and the minutes filled with meetings, tasks, travel and follow-up. If you’re one of the Microsoft Sunrise users saddened at its soon-to-happen departure, smile! Because Veloxy has the perfect solution for you.

Veloxy reduces the time it takes to calendar, research, plan, and travel as you prepare for meetings. Veloxy also reduces the number of apps you need to do all that. We bring all these capabilities and more together in a single app, accessible with a single tap!

With a single tap on your next meeting on your calendar, you can access contacts, phone numbers, pertinent emails, meeting directions (and parking!), and more. Another tap and you can join a conference call or add a new lead. The best part – Salesforce is automatically updated saving you the time and headache of updating the pipeline at the end of the week or month.

The sun may have set on one app. But lucky for you, it’s shining brightly on another!

TRY VELOXY NOW. It’s free for a limited time!

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