Sales is about forging strong relationships and providing solutions to problems.  As important as those two variables are, they would be nothing without information.  Information about the problem that a client faces.  Information about the solution to said problem.  Information about the challenges each client faces.  Information about a client’s likes and dislikes.  Information, information, and information.

But in the field, where the bulk of a salesperson’s information gathering occurs, it’s all too easy to record incomplete, or even incorrect data.  Many reps still use notebooks to gather the salient information and then transfer it to digital via Salesforce or some other sales suite.  And while there’s nothing wrong with pen and paper, it’s all too easy to make mistakes, either in the recording or in the transferring.

Without the correct information, then, forging strong relationships, providing solutions to problems, and making successful sales is an even bigger uphill battle than it already is.  That’s where advanced predictive sales enablement platforms like Veloxy become so important.


Data entry made easy




Manual systems for recording field information and creating new prospects can be complex and cumbersome.  Even computer-based mobile solutions can be less than user-friendly.  For example, the Salesforce1 mobile app is not being adopted by reps because it’s just too complicated and it doesn’t fit well into their workflow.

That’s where Veloxy fits in.  Veloxy is fully integrated with the Salesforce platform and provides an easily-accessible, easy-to-use data entry portal between the salesperson and the Salesforce software.  Veloxy even takes it one giant step further by incorporating predictive sales enablement.  Taken together, Veloxy combines the power of many apps into one and provides the user with a streamlined data entry process that gets the important information into your Salesforce database quicker than ever before.




Veloxy then aggregates this data and combines it with data from other internal and external sources such as corporate websites, geo-location, social media, and third-party CRM software.  Veloxy also presents that information contextually with a single click of the mouse or tap of the finger.




Veloxy can then use all that information to act as your own mobile personal assistant.  It can provide notifications on what needs to be done when based on all your important sources of data:  email, schedules, team members, websites, notes, and meetings…even your geo-location and the geo-location of everyone in your pipeline and on your salesforce.  Imagine the coordination you could have when you use this type of technology to manage you important information.  No more missed opportunities, dropped sales, or mistakes in the process.  Veloxy can smooth your information gathering like never before.




So don’t let faulty data entry be the chink in your sales armor.  Whether you’re an individual salesperson, part of a team, or a team manager, you can get the most accurate information possible from every source possible with predictive sales enablement software like Veloxy.  Let the software do the heavy lifting so that you can concentrate on the important part of the sales process:  forging strong relationships and providing solutions to your client’s problems.

Find out how Veloxy can help you reach sales success by visiting for more details. Try Veloxy. It’s free for a limited time!

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