Sales managers in every corner of the business world are focused on providing effective mobile tools and technologies to their salespeople, and for good reason.  This technology—from basic reporting to geo-location to real-time updates and communication—allows businesses and salespeople to extract insights from the mass of data floating around that, when translated into action, deliver higher levels of efficiency and profitability.

And though this may sound like a lot of mumbo jumbo, the truth is hard to deny:  predictive sales enablement apps can have a very real and concrete effect on your company’s operational efficiency.  Here’s how.


Improve, eliminate, reduce


For one thing, these mobile apps can effectively analyze the mass of data generated during the sales process and can bring the complete picture of operational activities and costs into focus.  This new-found focus can reveal wasteful and inefficient processes and provide insight into better methods.  That information can then be used to improve your contact with clients to generate more sales.



Equally as important, these palm-sized personal assistants can provide guidance as to what needs to be done and when based on everything your team has done thus far and everything it intends to do in the future. Apps like Veloxy aggregate data from disparate sources such as schedules, geo-location, team activities, emails, and much more to provide notifications about the best way to proceed with a certain client.

The predictive nature of these types of apps drastically reduces the information gathering and planning stages of your salesforce’s daily grind.  This freedom allows them to make more contacts, cultivate relationships, and move prospects further down the sales pipeline.



Going mobile

Coming a bit further out of the deep end of the pool (predictive enablement) into the shallow end (mobile apps in general), it’s easy to see that mobile business apps prevent costly errors.  Sloppy customer handwriting, employee mistakes, lost forms, and forgotten forms are all things of the past.  Mobile business apps eliminate these types of operational inefficiencies completely leaving you with a clean and simple workflow.  Not to mention the time and materials saved on (re)printing, filling out, scanning, and emailing forms.



And let’s not forget the fact that mobile apps and cloud-based sales software like Veloxy bring all the information your salesforce produces into one place and makes it available to everyone on the team.  This real-time availability can often mean the difference between getting ahead and falling behind.



The big picture created by sales enablement software is only the first step.  Making these changes last is equally as important as the changes themselves.  Software like Veloxy can help here too.



Want to make that change in workflow last?  Incentivize it and then track performance.  The data then tells the tale.  Examination of the process involved and the ease with which new methods are adopted can go a long way to making them sustainable rather than just a passing thing.

Using mobile apps and predictive sales enablement software to improve efficiency of your sales force while simultaneously reducing costs is growing in popularity by leaps and bound.  Why?  Because it works.  It works in achieving efficiency and cost-reduction goals and it works in sustaining efficiency and cost-reduction goals.  Though it can be expressed in highly-technical terms, it really isn’t that difficult:  Give your salespeople the right tools to get the job done and they’ll make more sales than ever before.

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