We’re going down into the trenches. And we’re going to talk dirty. Because the dirty truth is that your sales data is likely not so clean and pure. That’s right. The data you’re using right now to make strategic business decisions, create forecasting models and gauge whether you’re going to make your monthly numbers is quite probably skewed.

How can that be? Well, we’ll tell you. Despite the fact that your sales reps are working overtime to increase their productivity and close deals, more than 23% of their time is still spent focusing on administrative details. (Salesforce.com and Docurated 2015) And that includes updating your CRM.

Even the most efficient and dedicated sales reps often wait until the end of the day, the end of the week…even the end of the month to upload their data. The more time between updates, the foggier the memory. Data can become shifted, forgotten or just plain left out entirely. So those numbers you’re likely crunching right now– well, you know the saying: GIGO.Veloxy for Salesforce and Salesforce1

At Veloxy, we are all about disrupting the usual. Our single-tap app automatically sends updates to your pipeline, so your reps don’t have to. With Veloxy, sales reps can create new leads, add contacts, and research prospect information all with a single tap. New leads and contact information are automatically updated to your CRM.

It’s a win-win. You get cleaner more accurate data. Your sales reps can spend more time doing what they do best – closing deals and crunching their numbers!

TRY VELOXY NOW. It’s free for a limited time! https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/veloxy/id956431895

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