Follow-up—it’s the key to future success.  Those sales you’re hoping for in the next quarter?  They’re nothing without follow-up right now.  In fact, follow-up can (and should) be thought of as permeating every aspect of the sales process from the initial contact to the first meeting to the closing sale and beyond.


Why is follow-up so important?


Follow-up is important because of something called “The Cool-off Factor”.  Most people have very short memories.  They lose top-of-mind awareness very quickly.  Even when the stakes are high, most people shift their focus in two minutes or less.


Consider this situation:  A driver sees a police car and slows down to the posted speed limit.  How long before the same driver speeds up again?  Five minutes?  Ten minutes?  Try a minute or less.  Studies have shown that a driver that has slowed down for a police car will travel one mile (roughly a minute depending on speed) before speeding up again.  So even though getting caught could mean a hefty fine and points on their license, drivers quickly move on and return to normal behavior.  This is a prime example of the cool-off factor.


How does that apply to sales?

As a salesperson, your goal – your mission – is not to let the client cool off.  Don’t let him forget the police car one mile back; don’t let her forget that you were there just a few short days ago.  You want to foster top-of-mind awareness.  So how can you stay in the top of their mind?  Massive, diligent, and constant entertaining follow-up.



Predictive sales enablement can help

This may seem daunting at first, but remember, getting to know your clients is very much like making friends.  It’s done through communication, common interests, shared experiences, and providing help when necessary.  Think about it.  With good friends, you communicate multiple times a week (if not daily), you joke about the good times you’ve spent together, you plan on doing things that interest you at least once a week.  Getting to know your clients is no different.  In fact, your ultimate goal is that all of your best and biggest clients also become your friends.



Predictive sales enablement software such as Veloxy, provides notifications about what needs to be done and when.  It collects and aggregates information from sources as diverse as the geo-location of you and your clients, social media, corporate websites, CRM data, email, calendars, team communications, contacts, tasks, and much more.  It then acts as your own mobile, cloud-based personal assistant making suggestions about how you can communicate with clients so you never miss an opportunity to follow-up again.  These sales software solutions take the guesswork out of the follow-up process but it’s still your job to make it entertaining…and relevant.


Follow up or be Mediocre

The ultimate goal of all this is to have your client looking forward to your contact from the very first through the sales process and every day thereafter. Make it your mission to get to know them. Make it your mission to help them succeed. Make it your mission to follow-up…or remain mediocre forever.  Predictive sales enablement platforms like Veloxy can help.

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