Being a salesperson and managing your own schedule and information is hard enough.  But managing a team of salespeople?  That’s a task of Herculean proportions.

Not only do sales managers have to coordinate the physical locations of each salesperson, they also have to coordinate the information that each salesperson brings to the table.  While that can be difficult in and of itself when salespeople are working on individual accounts, it can be a nightmare when they’re all working remotely on the same project.

Just a few short years ago, coordinating a salesforce required lots of phone calls and emails, lots of effort, and lots of late nights.  But with recent advances in mobile technology, a new tool has emerged that is poised to change the sales game forever:  real-time coordination.


The platform

Real-time coordination is possible thanks to a new, advanced breed of CRM technology called predictive sales enablement.  At the heart of this technology is a SaaS platform that aggregates data from both internal and external information systems such as corporate websites, geo-location, social media, other linked CRM software, and a whole host of others.  That information is then presented contextually, in real time, at the touch of a button or the tap of a screen.


The tool

All that fancy language can be boiled down to this:  If salesperson #1 in Japan updates lead information, it is immediately available to everyone on the team (all salespeople and you, the sales manager) regardless of where in the world they are located.

In addition to the instantaneous updating of pretty much everything associated with the selling process, the best predictive sales enablement platforms facilitate real-time communication and collaboration.  While this may not sound like anything new, the software inherent in these advanced CRM suites (like Veloxy) vastly simplifies the process of such things as conference calls, document composition and editing, scheduling, sharing contacts, and much, much more.  All of this can be done in real time through the power of the cloud and mobile technology.


The things you take for granted

Predictive sales enablement platforms like Veloxy also make managing a team in real time easier with powerful search functions that take the guess work out of finding and distributing to your team exactly what they need.  This makes team coordination that much easier because everyone has the data necessary to turn leads into clients.

Imagine trying to coordinate a last-minute meeting with an important client when your salesforce is flying in from all over the world.  It can’t be done—at least not well—with traditional methods.  An event of that magnitude requires a predictive sales enablement platform with real-time capabilities like Veloxy to get all the information to everyone involved with the touch of a button.

This technology also pushes the cutting edge of real-time by providing geo-location based lead management which shows you exactly where you are in relation to your leads and clients.  Other powerful features of predictive sales enablement platforms like Veloxy include the coordination of regular tasks, the integration/sharing of the digital planner and organizer, and the ability to notify and remind you when an email or task needs action.


The bottom line

Managing a salesforce is hard enough.  Don’t make the job more difficult.  Get the most out of your bottom line by getting everyone together (digitally speaking, of course) on one platform and then coordinating them in real time with a predictive sales enablement platform like Veloxy.  You, and your salesforce, will be glad you did.

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