For some sectors (i.e., sales), the cloud is a relatively nebulous concept that may or may not have an application in daily activity.  But it is precisely this daily activity that the cloud is set to revolutionize as more and more sales managers see the benefits of this new paradigm.

What is the cloud?

Cloud computing employs a centralized data center to process and store information so that it can be accessed anytime, anywhere.  Software, storage, services, and much more are provided to sales team members who can access their data whenever and wherever it suits them.


In addition, the cloud allows for companies like Veloxy to offer real-time information exchange to sales teams anywhere on the planet.  Imagine what that could do for your sales efforts!

In addition, the cloud has the potential to save millions – if not billions – of dollars over the long haul by impacting something that is on everyone’s mind these days:  the environment.

What is the green cloud?


The green cloud refers to the environmental benefits that CRM services delivered over the internet can offer the field of sales.  A recent study estimates that moving common business and sales software applications (those used by 100 million U.S. workers) to the cloud could save enough electricity annually to power Los Angeles for a year.

Here’s how it’s done on a smaller scale.

What does the cloud mean for you?

1)  Server efficiency – Large data centers focus on hosting the cloud.  They’re not trying to sell anything or manufacture anything.  All they do is manage servers.  This allows them to provide the most efficient equipment and save energy at the same time.


2)  Climate control – Servers need controlled temperature and humidity to operate at peak levels.  Large data centers focus on getting the most out of their equipment by utilizing more efficient layouts that smaller data centers may have trouble implementing.


3)  Flexibility in resource allocation – A smaller, in-house sales data center will likely need extra servers in order to handle peak data loads.  Cloud providers, on the other hand, can shift resources as necessary to maximize server use.


4)  Fewer servers – A small-business sales server is very much like a brain:  only 10% of it is really being used.  Cloud servers however, can reach utilization rates of up to 70% so shared data centers can employ fewer machines yet achieve the same capacity.


Harness the green cloud with Veloxy

Veloxy is your gateway to the green cloud.  At its heart, Veloxy is a rich SaaS platform that aggregates data from a variety of sources such as geo-location, social media, email, calendars, task lists, team activities, and much more.  Veloxy then presents that information contextually to save you and your sales team the time it needs while still ensuring accurate, up-to-date data in the pipeline.


So be part of the revolution and take advantage of the savings by moving your sales CRM management to the cloud.  Let Veloxy help your sales team step into the future today.

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