A simple and easy to use sales tracking app helps in catapulting the sales productivity along with customer satisfaction. It is a highly effective way of boosting customer satisfaction. It makes a dramatic difference in the ability of the company to maintain all accounts in an effective manner. It also helps companies in planning resources by providing a clear view of the future with respect to sales forecast.

It is high time to find out why there is a requirement to go for a simple sales tracking app at the earliest.

Choosing a Simple Sales Tracking App
A small to medium sized business needs to watch how much they spend on tools along with the number of extra steps they have added into their hectic work schedule. But choosing a simple sales tracking app that will meet all your requirements can easily save time. Also, all tools will not help in saving you money.

The features and benefits in association with the same type of tool may also increase productivity. Most of the business owners are afraid of adding expenses along with more number of tasks without much yield. But if you are successful in finding out a new tool that will:
• Save your time
• Help to do a better job
• Provide metrics to make you happy, won’t you prefer it?

A simple sales tracking app like veloxy is considered to be ideal for small to medium companies as it will help you in streamlining your day and effectively plan the next day as well. With the help of quick and easy steps, you will observe that the right type of software contributing a lot in growing you towards further height.

Sales Tracking App – Is Good Enough

A sales tracking app that is good enough, easy to usage; takes few simple clicks to update! In case a sales lead has moved from one phase of sales funnel to the other, you may simply click to move it to another stage with the help of a simple app. Only a few numbers of clicks will contribute a lot in updating your entire CRM, hence helping you to plan your activities related to sales.

The ability to see deal stages of each and every deal can easily do wonders for your ability to deliver excellence to your customers and boost your own productivity. A sales tracking app will contribute a lot in capturing leads from your business website. Whether you are with a company or serve as a freelancer, if you have great control over your customer relationships then you can definitely win more business contracts. Little bit of administration and fewer headaches will serve the desired purpose.

Few Sales Tracking Apps

There are a few sales tracking apps that are free and can be easily used to move your business in the right and appropriate direction. Tracking apps assist business owners up to a certain extent to identify the best sales prospects. The usage of an app can easily help you in finding out sales opportunities.

If you have no time or team members to maintain lead information in a manual manner, devoid of CRM software or need someone that particularly focuses on sales leads, a tracking app like Veloxy can make a big difference into your business. Below are some of the best and selective apps for tracking sales leads for small businesses:

• Base and Future Simple – This tracking app can be downloaded by itself or as an extension of their CRM software. The basic starter edition is free of cost. The main focus of this software is organization due to which you no longer have to maintain complicated spreadsheets and charts. Base will allow you to synchronize information with Google apps thus making it one of the most user-friendly tracing apps available.

• Veloxy – Veloxy is one of the Top Sales App & Smart CRM built for Sales People. It is a geolocation based prospecting and predictive sales pipeline management platform. It is a Salesforce mobile App (Salesforce1) & creates new leads using mobile mapping software. It forecasts sales pipeline, notifies who to call or email or text. Veloxy automatically logs phone calls, emails and text messages to Salesforce.

• Intuit – Intuit is one of the top lead tracking apps for small businesses. Your team members will receive automated notifications of tasks assigned to them, approaching deadlines and sales leads. Intuit lets your sales res access the most vital information about their leads in a quick manner to serve customers in a better manner.

• Genius – Genius allows you to send track able mails through Microsoft Outlook. This app maintains a detailed history of sales lead website visits, telling you when and how often a prospect is looking at your website. It also notifies you the time to contact that prospect based on how often they visit.
A good lead tracking app like Veloxy will help you find long-lasting customers so that you can easily grow your business.

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