iStock_000076948859_LargeiStock_000076948859_LargeiStock_000076948859_LargeYou’ve all heard of the Traveling Salesman Problem, right? According to Wikipedia, it’s the “classic algorithmic problem” that focuses on the optimal way to travel between cities. In sales terms…it’s about optimizing time and money, while efficiently and effectively visiting prospects and customers.

Thirty years ago, this meant traveling with well-worn, dog-eared copies of the Thomas Guides. With the advent of the Internet, location searching became a little easier with MapQuest and Google Maps. In fact, many of you are still searching each address, mapping out the most efficient way to use your time on the road.

And that’s just for the prospects you know about.

Which means a whole lot of time spent not selling. And, losing out on opportunities that lay directly in your path. After all, if you don’t know a prospect is there, how can you plan to “stop on your way?”

So where does that leave you?

      •   Frustrated with the time it takes to map out your day.
      •   Missing out on prospects you pass right by
      •   Wishing you could just say “Beam me up, Scotty!”

We hear you! And we have a solution. Veloxy’s powerful geo-location intelligence capability gives you single tap capability for a 360º view of all your leads. So you can optimize your routes, see leads along the way, increase productivity and close more deals.

But we don’t stop there. In addition to maps and directions (we even provide parking info!), a single tap gives you detailed contact information from your CRM, social media sources and email. You can arrive to your meeting fully informed and ready to go. One tap creates a new lead and automatically updates Salesforce, which keeps your pipeline up-to-date, effortlessly and easily.

That’s an awful lot of power in a single tap. That’s Veloxy!

TRY VELOXY NOW.  ‘Cuz we definitely know the way to San Jose! And it’s free for a limited time!

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