If you’re a sales rep, you know the importance of working efficiently to make the most of your time.  When you’re at your desk, you can minimize distractions by turning off your phone and ignoring your email for a few hours.  What’s more, you have everything you need within arm’s reach to tackle everything on your list.

But when you’re mobile, efficiency often becomes less important than just getting from point A to point B.  Factors such as traffic, road construction, what clients are nearby, and whether or not you have enough information with you can drastically affect what you achieve on any given day.

The solution to this mobile efficiency problem has often been maps, GPS, a trunk load of paper files, and a lot of patience.  But with increasing advances in mobile, sales-related technology, phones, tablets, and laptops have replaced the maps, GPS, and paper files (patience still required).  Customer relationship management (CRM) has gone digital.

But while smartphones and tablets have placed everything a good sales rep needs in the palm of her hand, they have yet to truly help her maximize productivity on the road.  Until now.

Two developments in CRM technology have the potential to push efficiency—especially efficiency on the road—to a whole new level:

  • Predictive Sales Enablement
  • Geo-Location based Prospecting and Lead Management

Let’s look briefly at these two technologies and highlight the importance of geo-location based prospecting and lead management for sales reps (whether mobile or not).


Predictive Sales Enablement

Yes, there are a lot of CRM apps and platforms out there, but few have the capabilities necessary to be called truly predictive.

Predictive technology provides notifications about what needs to be done when (and the information necessary to make it so) based on a wide range of information from user-defined sources.  Veloxy, for example, aggregates data from internal and external information systems (e.g., corporate data, social media, emails, phone calls, calendars, contacts, and team information just to name a few), updates it in real time, and presents it contextually with a single tap of the finger.

While this type of predictive sales enablement is important for all sales reps, it is especially important for those who have to be mobile on a regular basis.  It’s important because one of the information systems on which a good CRM platform bases its predictions is geo-location.


Geo-Location based Prospecting and Lead Management

To truly maximize productivity and efficiency in the field, you have to have geo-location based lead management.  But not all CRM technology offers this indispensable tool.  Veloxy, for example, uses geo-location based lead management to pinpoint your location and present you with everyone in your sales funnel—leads, opportunities, and accounts —who are nearby.  With this information, you can optimize your route and visit as many people and places as possible.  Couple that with the power of one-touch background information updated in real time and you’ve got a game-changer in the palm of your hand.

One mobile sales rep relates the power of predictive sales enablement platforms like Veloxy that make use of geo-location based lead management:

“I was sitting in traffic, frustrated with the slow-moving (often not-moving) traffic.  I happened to check the My Maps tool on Veloxy and discovered a great opportunity at the next exit (which I would have passed right by).  I exited the highway, made the call, and signed a new customer.  What could have been an hour of wasted time sitting in traffic turned into a successful sale.”

A platform that is truly geo-location aware should help sales reps in creating new Leads or Prospects while they are mobile and on the road. Let’s say, a sales rep is prospecting and talking to the owner of a business about one of her products. This is a brand new prospect that is not there in her CRM system. Using a platform like Veloxy, she should be able to quickly search for that business, add it as a new Lead with one tap and start prospecting (taking notes about her conversation). All these data should get synced with her CRM system immediately. She no longer has to take notes, go home and enter the data manually into her CRM system, which is time consuming, tiring, incomplete and error prone.

That’s the power that platforms like Veloxy have to offer to sales reps worldwide and truly highlights the importance that geo-location plays in maximizing efficiency and making sales.


Use it or lose it

To paraphrase (and truly ruin) a familiar saying:  Use predictive sales enablement coupled with geo-location based prospecting and lead management or lose sales.  Though the phrase is a tad verbose, it nonetheless holds a truth that can’t be denied:  You must make use of technology like Veloxy to be efficient (and successful) as a sales rep in the 21st century.  Don’t let leads pass you by (and for sure don’t pass them by).  Put geo-location based lead management to work for you today and watch your sales soar.

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