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Best Email Template Builder

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Everyone checks their email every day. At least 91 percent of all U.S. customers do. Email marketing still works. It’s a portent marketing tool that helps many businesses get great results. But to see success, you must find a way to entice prospects to open and devour your emails.

Now plain emails are ok, but in most cases, they go unnoticed. So, how do you create emails that grab people’s attention? Simple, by using the best email template builder you can find. With the right tools, your email open rates are guaranteed to significantly spike.

Isn't Coding Email the Best Approach?

Some businesses code every email they send out. And that’s ok. Coding email gives you lots of flexibility and capability. It enables you achieve things you probably wouldn’t achieve with an email template builder.

Unfortunately, the whole exercise can end up wasting time. In large organizations where bureaucracy guides every action, designing a simple email campaign can seem to take forever. There are bugs to fix and testing to do. And the marketing manager must approve every tweak! Surely that doesn’t seem like the smartest way to spend time.

4 Reasons to Use an Email Template Builder

Coding emails works. It’s a great way to embellish your emails and achieve remarkable results. But using the best email template builder also works. Frankly though, you might face a challenge or two while tackling some of the things you might want to do. But you’d be hard-pressed to find a critical aspect of email marketing you can’t handle with the right tool.

With the right tool, you will:

i) Test and Fix Bugs Less

Everyone wants to send out attention-grabbing email campaigns. But every campaign is different and needs its own email design. But who really wants to spend their time creating a new HTML design for every campaign? Who wants to spend eons fixing persistent pesky bugs and testing every new design? You’re right — a developer.

But do you really think coding email is the smartest way your developer should be spending your time and resources? Shouldn’t they be fixing all those technical issues that are slowing your business website?

That’s not saying you should never spend your time coding or testing templates. It’s just that performing avoidable repetitive tasks that gobble up all your time adds up to heavy detriments over the years.

ii) Boost Productivity

Designing emails using a temperate builder takes 50% less time than coding typically does. It’s an efficient way to create stunning email campaigns in no time. If you take this path, you’ll most likely end up freeing up tons of time each day.

And that’s time you can redirect to other areas of your business. You can, for example, use the extra time to modify your overall marketing strategy. Or engage customers in other ways such as social media and blogging. Or train and motivate your sales team. Putting the extra time you get can to good use can have a tremendous impact on your productivity.

iii) Minimize Mistakes

Coding emails certainly isn’t rocket science. However, it’s not uncommon for small mistakes to happen. You might realize later that an email you sent looks somewhat terrible in, say, Outlook. It’s not uncommon for even the finest companies to send out messages that don’t display correctly.

Sure, email template builders aren’t perfect. However, you’re going to see minimal email rendering errors. Now, considering that this approach can save you a significant amount of time, you’ll want to choose it.

iv) Easily Automate Your Marketing

Automating your marketing is a smart way to get more done in less time. The finest email template builder comes in a HTML-based responsive design. It helps you customize your campaign to your brand and your prospects’ needs easily and quickly.

Also, this solution helps you eliminate repetitive marketing-related tasks. Marketing automation saves tons of time while elevating a brand.

What's the Best Tool for Creating Email Templates?

Many free and paid solutions exist. And when you have too many options, picking the best one becomes quite a challenge. Forget the issue of brands for now and ask yourself the following question: What do I want my email template to help me do?

The best option:

1. Alerts You When Prospects Open and Forward Emails

It tells you if and when someone opened your email. What’s more, it alerts you when any of your emails gets forwarded.

In addition, it provides you with details of the particular devices used to view your messages. In addition, it reveals the location of prospects that opened your emails.

2. Provides Email Engagement Metrics

The best option should help you easily measure your campaign’s effectiveness. Everyone in the team should effortlessly see the specific activities that drive sales. Is it cold emailing? Maybe it’s cold calling? Or is it focusing more on existing customers?

You’d know right off the bat whether there’s interest in your products or services. Most importantly, you should know how much interest each campaign generated.

Learn more about Veloxy’s Email Analytics

3. Helps You Send Out Personalized Emails to Multiple Prospects (Mass Emails)

Wouldn’t you want to be able to send personalized emails to multiple prospects at once? That’d save you lots of time while helping you build stronger relationships with your customers.

Check out Veloxy’s Email Personalization Software

4. Makes Sales Management a Breeze

The best tool should be compatible with your Salesforce, Outlook, Office365, and Gmail. With such a solution, you’d easily track emails (single or bulk). Also, you’d be able to manage sales activities, contacts, and leads in one place. In short, the best bet should help you supercharge your marketing strategy and skyrocket sales.

Final Thoughts on Email Template Builders

Coding every email campaign isn’t a bad idea. Some people might even find it exciting. However, using email templates makes more sense in most cases. The best tool saves you time, helps you minimize mistakes, and enables you design stunning campaigns.

Veloxy is probably the best email template builder, let alone the best email marketing software for sales reps, in the world. Not only dos it save you time with ready templates, it also adds an array of added benefits. These include mail-merge, email tracking, engagement analytics, and most importantly, CAN-SPAM compliant bulk email.

There must be many good reasons users keep giving Veloxy 5 star ratings on CapteraAppExchange, and Sourceforge. Give Veloxy a try and join the long list of satisfied customers today.

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