Get forecasts you can trust, and see how the calls, emails and actions of your team drive the pipeline.

Stay on top of your pipeline


Analyze your entire pipeline across any dimension over any time period using a dynamic dashboard that can be filtered on the fly. See how and why your pipeline is changing, avoid nasty surprises, and shape your strategy with reliable sales intelligence.

Know where you are, at every sales stage


Analyze deal source and deals by stage, and drill down to the details on activities, stages and timeline. You can do post-mortems on the wins and losses and use the Veloxy audit trail, to see how each deal played out.

Compare activities with win performance

See how sales activities relate to pipeline


Compare activity types such as calls, meetings and emails against win rate. Show for selected reps or the team, and compare reps to one another. Veloxy reveals the tactics and silver bullets that most often lead to wins.

Optimize the sales forecast by removing biases


Veloxy uses AI to uncover sales rep forecasting biases and sandbagging. It learns from forecast history, opportunity progress, wins and losses, so it can calibrate each rep’s pipeline and give you accurate forecasts you can trust.

Analyze team performance over time


Veloxy takes snapshots of your team’s activities, wins and losses so that you can visualize individual rep performance over different time periods. It shows if they are improving or not over time and helps you identify the reasons why.

See how your sales process is followed


Visualize how your team is implementing your sales process, examine the pipeline velocity, and learn which factors most contribute to an opportunity moving from one stage to the next.

Analyze email performance by rep

Analyze and improve email engagement


See how your cold and transactional emails perform, discover the best time of day and day of the week to reach your prospects, and learn from the best performers.

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