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All New Customer Standards and What to Do About It

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At the core of every business is the customer. Happy customers not only help you build credibility, they also rake in more business. Research shows over 75% of customers are likely to recommend your company to a friend if they received great service and had a positive experience. This is why your main focus and priority should be keeping your customers happy and satisfied. But what if the customer standards have changed?

Just a couple months ago, a customer may have reached out to your support team for a quick query or solution. Now, they seek more than fast answers. Today’s customer wants flexible options, proactive service, and most importantly, an empathetic ear. Veloxy has kept a finger on the pulse of changing customer expectations throughout the year. This segment reveals exactly what companies in the U.S. need to do to meet these newer, higher customer standards.    

A: Optimize Channels Based on Customer Standards and Behaviors

A recent study shows that over 30% of Americans now contact customer service more than before. Compared to baby boomers (11% ) and Gen Z (42%), millennial seem to have ramped up interactions the most at 46%. Naturally, all these different people use different ways to source information. As such, you need to understand the steps they take so as to deflect more cases. Then, you need to optimize these channels to guarantee customers get what they want in the way they’re used to. A few methods here include:

i. Enhance Voice Calls

Although unsurprising that baby boomers choose calling, voice is also becoming the second option for millennials and Gen X. Try to integrate cloud telephony in your service console to allow agents serve your customers better. This way, your agents can log calls automatically as opposed to scribbling notes and handling one case at a time. Add in embedded AI plus real-tme transcription and your agents are able to focus 100% on the customers.

ii. Update SEO

When it comes to Gen X, Z, and millennials search is always the first preference. By reviewing search data, behaviors and key terms – you might come across new terms you hadn’t previously accounted for. Infuse your content with these key words and update your knowledge articles to ensure search engines surface your page often.

iii. Update Chat Capabilities and SMS

Web, chat, text and messenger apps all come into play as other methods to reach out. Chatbots help with common customer questions while program bots recommend knowledge articles. And if the case requires more personalized attention, set channel routing to the right agents who can handle multiple cases via SMS or messenger.

B: Connect Marketing and Service

Connecting these two channels allows you to get ahead of any potential issues. Say for example your company sends an SMS about an upcoming promotion . A customer then responds with concerns about their order. In this case, an agent can simply jump in and resolve the issue in the same message. Some of the ways to achieve this include:

i. Know your Customer Standards

By interconnecting tech, data, and teams, everyone gets a 360-view of the customer. If a whale or high value customer calls in, your agents already have the required background to serve the customer. The agent can then connect with the right  team member to get the issue solved right away.

ii. Use AI

Embedding the right AI into your service console helps agents deliver a more personalized experience. Artificial intelligence analyzes customers and qualifying case info to predict the next best actions for your agents to take.

C: Offer and Empathetic Ear

In the past few months, customer emotions have heightened substantially. According to research, over 70% of Americans say companies that showed empathy and care during the pandemic have earned their loyalty for good. Our blog on why empathetic companies are seeing more organizational success in 2020 covers this more widely.

For this reason, business leaders need to review customer feedback to better understand if and how their agents are empathizing with customers. Ask your customers to respond to surveys regarding agents. Next, you’ll want to take an emotional intelligence approach. This means encouraging agents to self reflect and self regulate. These will help keep the agents up to speed on customer service basics with personalized training.

i. Flexibility Impacts Loyalty

You may not be aware of this, but customers are showing a lot of appreciation to companies that bend the rules a bit during tough times. As of June 1st 2020, this is the top desired customer service trait next to empathy. Other traits include expertise and preparedness. Research has shown that granting customers more leeway (such as payment deference) may impact short term revenue. However, it drives long term loyalty.

Customer Standards: Final Word

There you have it folks: everything you need to know about new customer standards is right here in one place. Of course, the entire process will not be easy. It means changing expectation and strategies as well as being ready to take a few punches here and there in terms of immediate losses. But don’t worry too much about it. When all is said and done, people will remember which companies showed humanity in the face of adversity and which ones stuck to their money hungry guns totally ignorant of their customers’ situation.

 Before we wind up, meeting today’s higher customer standards means arming your team with the right information and technology. This includes capable CRM such as Salesforce and all the technological assistant you can accord it. One of the best tools for keeping a finger on your customer’s pulse is Veloxy Mobile and Veloxy Engage. These tools give your team secure access to intel anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Additionally, these tools will help companies make the most out of Salesforce by keeping track of customer activities, needs, behavior patterns, expectations and forecasts that will help improve the overall experience of your services. With Veloxy, users get insights that will not only allow you to analyze customer data for higher standards, but also craft more personalize marketing strategies.

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