15 Ways to Accelerate Your Sales Process in 2022

photo of two salespeople improving the sales process
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15 Ways to Accelerate Your Sales Process in 2022

photo of two salespeople improving the sales process

Sales acceleration is a trending strategy due to the growing deployment of B2B engagement, analytics, and content technologies. While sales technology can check a lot of boxes for increasing deal velocity, there are plenty of other sales tactics that can accelerate sales sooner rather than later.

Using the applicable insight and practices in this article, you’ll not only help salespeople widen their pipeline and shorten their sales cycles, but you’ll also improve sales team morale and modernize the sales process at your company.

This is a checklist guide, so we invite you to print it out and share it socially with your colleagues in sales.

Before you continue reading...

There are sections of this article that may presume you’re using Salesforce or Veloxy Sales AI, which together helps sales teams automatically accelerate the sales process by optimizing sales engagement. If you’re not already empowering your salespeople with Salesforce and Veloxy, you can start using them today at no cost.

If you’re using a different CRM or sales acceleration tool, most of the recommendations will still be applicable. Of course we’d prefer you to schedule a consultation with one of our Account Directors to discover how to accelerate and increase sales. It’s a valuable chat with no strings attached.

Read on to learn how to accelerate your sales process.

Table of Contents

1. Simplify the Sales Process

The sales process is commonly methodical and repeatable across industries, however, there are steps that are time-consuming and inefficient to most salespeople.

Manually prioritizing followup, performing administrative tasks, and daily data entry have been known to make up almost 25% of a salesperson’s daily process. Rest assured, these are not the tactics that positively influence morale.

There is one approach to your sales process that should be considered for making it more simple, efficient, and fluid. Only assign selling activities to salespeople—delegate or automate everything else. If you’ve read some of our other articles, you’d be familiar with the benefits of collaborative selling and automation.

2. Optimize Your Salesforce Org

It’s common for most sales teams to struggle with Salesforce adoption. The benefits are expected out-of-the-box, however, most sales managers run into technical difficulties and salespeople stuck in their old ways.

While you can use Salesforce adoption software to remedy this problem, it’s best to start with surveying your existing users about their experience. They’ll be the first ones to tell you what they like and what they hate.

Knowing this user information will help you make quick fixes at the administrator level before reaching out to potential software companies that integrate with Salesforce. It’s also recommended to consistently measure and refine how Salesforce impacts your sales process.

3. Automate What You Can

Another way you can accelerate the sales process is to use Artificial Intelligence to automate certain tasks.

Your sales representatives can waste a lot of time managing emails, logging data, and sending follow-up messages one at a time. AI can not only automate those tasks, it can prioritize them for you based on buyer intent.

With automation, your sales team will have twice as much time to meet with customers and address their concerns, thus improving sales acceleration and the customer experience.

4. Provide Sales Training

Once you simplify your sales process, you need immediate buy-in. Start with the most respected salespeople, and let them act as the ambassador and trainer across the sales team.

By empowering salespeople to train up their colleagues, you remove any resistance and misconceptions some may have with sales management constantly changing and optimizing the process.

A simplified sales process requires the least amount of training, which also accelerates another common cost center—onboarding new sales employees.

5. Minimize Meetings

Meetings can be an excellent way for your sales team to discuss recent progress or problems. However, meetings can also be considered “downtime” when individual salespeople are not heavily engaged.

When possible, send out updates or information through email, Slack, or another written form. Employees can read the updates on their own time, so they can focus on taking sales calls.

Most meetings should be focused on one thing and one thing only—pipeline management. When sales teams are empowered with Salesforce and/or Veloxy, they can instantly review the leads, contacts, and opportunities with the strongest and most recent buying activity. In only 15 minutes, the manager and sales rep can confidently create a two to four week action plan that will most assuredly close deals.  

6. Invest in Paid Search

A fantastic way to accelerate your sales is to run some Google Ads. These are ads that look like organic search results but show up at the very top.

By partnering with your marketing department, you can make some mutually beneficial advancements—especially for your pipeline. In addition to ranking for your customers’ most popular search queries, you can progressively remarket to leads and contacts who have visited your website. This way you’re taking an omnichannel approach to nurturing by incorporating your customers’ internet behavior with email and phone outreach.

You can also team up with your marketing department to discover the search queries that are sending your competition the most traffic. By doing this, you can intercept their leads and opportunities. Some companies are going as far as calling out their competition in the Google Ad headline.

Lastly, be sure to send paid search traffic to landing pages with clear, funnel stage focused call-to-actions. Too many ads send leads and contacts to a company homepage. Send your Google Ad traffic to a landing page tailored to their search query, and you’ll accelerate your pipeline in no time.


7. Focus on Qualified Leads

Let’s first distinguish between two different kinds of leads—MQLs and SQLs. MQLs, Marketing Qualified Leads, are potential customers who have engaged with your company’s marketing in a way that demonstrates product interest. SQLs, Sales Qualified Leads, are MQLs that are vetted by the sales department.

While the MQL / SQL ratio has caused disconnects between marketing and sales, we highly recommend that you get on the same page with marketing, first. Improving the number of MQLs that turn to SQLs not only helps with marketing and sales efficiency, but it also accelerates the path from MQL to SQL.

Furthermore, once you start working a Sales Qualified Lead, you should use Sales Artificial Intelligence to continuously track the buyer signals that each lead is sending off. When using Salesforce CRM with Veloxy Sales AI, your daily outreach will be automatically prioritized based on these qualified buyer signals, thereby increasing the chance of engagement and accelerating your sales process.

8. Nurture Other Leads

While SQLs get all of the attention, Lost Leads can often be ignored. A lost lead is one of two things. It can be an opportunity that was lost to a competitor, or it can be an opportunity that went cold and was never awarded to a vendor.

Lost leads can frustrate salespeople because they often are responsible for slowing down the sales process and lowering sales key performance indicators. There are some quick fixes for this common problem.

First, by following other recommendations in this post, such as simplifying the sales process and automating everything, you’ll lose less leads by tailoring your outreach around the customer’s schedule, and not the other way around. Because in some sense, leads become lost when the connection is never made.

Second, while other sales teams will discard lost leads after a specific number of outreach attempts, you’ll continuously be tracking their engagement behavior and following up, because after all, you’re a value-based consultant and not a pesky rep.

9. Know Where You Get Leads

As you figure out how best to accelerate the sales process, take a look at where you find sales leads. Specifically, figure out which channel or channels give you the most qualified leads.

We seen in recent years that the Marketing and Sales quandary around MQLs and SQLs is often solved by improving lead source. By investing more in inbound marketing, such as blog posts and webinars, and higher-quality B2B databases, such as ZoomInfo or Lead411, the number of sources are consolidated—simplifying the sales process, removing errors, and improving the ability to attribute ROI.

10. Make Your Pricing Clear

Some businesses like to be vague about their pricing, and they’ll only share it after someone contacts the business. This may work for some companies, but it can slow down your sales process.

By listing your pricing clearly on your website, you can accelerate sales. People will be able to view the pricing page for themselves and determine if they can afford the offer.

You don’t want to waste your time explaining the value of your product or service to someone who can’t afford it. Sure, you may get one person to spend more than they planned, but you may still waste a lot of time overall.

11. Address Objections

Another great way to help with sales acceleration is to address objections early on. The sooner you can address any objections a customer may have, the earlier you can ease those fears.

Consider what prospects may say that keeps them from buying the product or service. Maybe they can’t afford the price, or they might prefer a return window on a product.

Use that information to develop a list of frequently asked questions to post on your website. Then, people can learn more about the offer, and you will have less work to do to get that sale.

12. Share Social Proof

Another excellent way to accelerate the sales process is to show testimonials and reviews. These act as social proof and show potential customers that you know what you’re doing.

You can even include testimonials that address objections, such as how one customer said the product is worth the money. Then, you may be able to get more sales more quickly.

13. Add a Sense of Urgency

You can also add time-sensitive discounts or offers to your products and services. If you’re booking clients, for example, you might say you only have three spots left for the month.

When selling products, you might offer a discount for 24 hours after you launch something new. Any sort of urgency you add can help get people who are on the fence to buy now.

Of course, you still need to provide value with your offer. However, adding urgency to the sale may help a customer buy sooner.

14. Be Likable

If you make a lot of sales calls, you should aim to be as likable as you can. The know, like, trust factor is a huge part of turning followers into customers.
Consider your ideal customer and the type of person they would want to talk to. While you shouldn’t be fake, you can figure out what tone to use and how to speak to a customer.

When a customer likes you, they can come to trust you and your recommendation. Then, they may buy something on your first sales call.

15. Make Contact Easy

Another easy way to accelerate the sales process is to make it easy for customers to contact you. Some people may want to buy from you but have questions.

Instead of making them wait for you to contact them, add a contact form and your email address to the site. Then, you can field questions from visitors and turn those prospects into paying customers.

Be sure your contact page is easy to access from anywhere on your site as well. You can even provide your social media handles and offer for customers to send a private message there so that contacting you is as easy as possible.

How Will You Accelerate Your Sales Process?

Sales acceleration can help you make more sales in less time. From creating a good sales process with structure to analyzing where you get leads, be sure to try a few strategies.

The right methods will accelerate sales now and in the future. But it may take some trial and error to figure out which methods work for you.

Are you ready to accelerate your sales? Learn how we can help and keep an eye out for future blog posts.


Samir Majumdar

Samir Majumdar

Samir is the CEO and Co-founder of Veloxy. After spending 20+ years creating corporate systems, boosting revenue, and eliminating inefficiencies, Samir started Veloxy to help sales professionals shorten sales cycles, accelerate pipelines, and close more deals.

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