Peter Daniels

Peter is the Chief Sales Insight Author for Veloxy. He has been creating viral articles the past three years on Salesforce’s Dreamforce event, cold calling, customer service, social media, working in sales, and more. When he’s not writing, Peter spends time at the beach and loves playing in his local soccer league!

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Sales Insight that Energizes Sales Teams

Sales Insight from Peter Daniels

Discover trending best practices around working in sales, cold calling, Salesforce, Dreamforce, customer service, and more.

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Cold Calling

The Complete Guide to Cold Call Scripts

Cold Calling Script Structure #1:Introduction #2:Opening #3:Lead Qualification #4:Closing the Sale Handling Cold Call Objections #1:Rejection in the Intro #2:Rejection in the Opener #3:Objections as

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AI Sales Assistant

Top 10 Sales Books Everyone Needs to Own

Microsoft’s Bill Gates swears by it. Billionaire investor Warren Buffet spends almost all day doing it. And Mark Cuban? No less than three hours each and every day. And no, it’s not investing.

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