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When you need to spend more time on selling activities, Veloxy is your go-to sales solution.

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Start automating Salesforce activities and downloading prospects. No credit card required

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Sell more from your inbox and Smartphone

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Join the 1,000s who are increasing selling activities and efficiency with Veloxy

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AI-Powered Sales Assistant Software for Salesforce CRM

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Want to improve sales productivity?

Veloxy is your sales team's competitive advantage. As your competition meets or exceeds quota only 1/3 of the time, Veloxy empowers your sales force with Artificial Intelligence to shrink the sales cycle and close deals faster, thereby exceeding quotas consistently year over year.

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Sell from anywhere with Velxoy Mobile.

Focus on productive sales activities while a virtual sales assistant does the heavy Salesforce lifting.

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Shrink sales cycles with Veloxy Engage.

Add email tracking, CAN-SPAM compliant bulk email, analytics, and Salesforce to your inbox.

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Empower your sales team with Veloxy.

Establish a high-functioning sales ecosystem by reducing turnover while increasing revenue.

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"Veloxy is hands down the best Salesforce tool..."

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Want to improve sales enablement?

The secret is out. While most sales professionals spend 65% of their time on non-selling activities, Veloxy users are high-performers equipped with Artificial Intelligence, spending most of their time engaging with prospects, sending out more content, and increasing their conversion rate.

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AI software for Outside Sales

Regional Sales Managers, Sales Engineers, and other Outside Sales Reps enjoy the Veloxy Mobile virtual sales assistant automatic data entry, insightful lead intelligence, one-click geo-location prospect adds, and lead Caller ID. There's more...

AI software for Inside Sales

From the comfort of their Outlook or Gmail Inbox, BDRs, SDRs and Account Executives know when their emails are read and forwarded, they can one-click data push to Salesforce, and they can optimize email delivery. There's more...

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AI software for Sales Managers

After deploying Veloxy across the Sales ORG, Executives are instantly fed email, sales and change analytics in Veloxy, showing an increase in all sales numbers, content delivery, Salesforce usage, and employee satisfaction. There's more...

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"Finally, a Sales Enabler!"

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Want to improve Salesforce adoption?

Unlock Salesforce with the power of Artificial Intelligence to eliminate the common complaints that inhibit user adoption, such as mundane and repetitive data entry. Sales Reps who automate Salesforce with Veloxy save an average of 60 minutes per day and $12,500 per year while spending more time hitting or exceeding their quotas.

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Unlock 35+ Salesforce Enablement Soutions

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Unlock 15+ Salesforce Enablement Soutions

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"This has boosted my sales by making my funnel easier to manage."

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