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6 Types of Email Marketing Campaigns That Deliver Great Results

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What’s the right email marketing campaign for my business? There’s no right or wrong marketing campaign. Nor do you need a specific type of email marketing campaign. Every serious business runs all or at least some of the options listed below. If you’ve not yet launched these campaigns, you’re most likely leaving tons of money on the table.

Email Marketing Campaigns You Should be Using

  • Newsletter
  • Welcome emails
  • Standard promotional campaign
  • Cart abandonment campaign
  • Seasonal email campaign
  • Triggered email campaign

Let’s now consider each of these campaigns in a little bit more detail.

1. Newsletter

Nobody opens or reads marketing emails anymore, right? Wrong! In truth, 73 percent of millennials would rather receive information from brands via email. That must seem surprising to those who think millennials do nothing but mindlessly tweet or post pics on Instagram. Evidently, you need to formulate a newsletter now if you don’t have one in place already.

A newsletter helps you keep in touch with your prospects as well as existing customers. It enables you to keep them engaged consistently. In addition, it’s a great opportunity to notify your recipients regarding new products or services. Also, you can tell them about product upgrades. Or, about even more exciting stuff such as discounts or exclusive deals. If you know how to leverage this marketing tool, you can seriously grow your revenues.

2. Welcome Emails

Congratulations! You’ve clinched a new email subscriber. What do you do now? The most natural thing to do is thank them. And warmly welcome them into your growing community of enthusiastic fans.

But doesn’t that mean sending just one email? How do you refer to one email sent to a new subscriber as an email campaign? You’re asking that question because you’ve not learned much about welcome email campaigns.

Welcome emails are considered to be effective email campaigns for a reason. That’s because you’ll send a couple of them rather than just one. You’ll want to say more than merely “thank you.” In fact, you should send at least 3 emails. And each should focus on a particular KYC (Know Your Customer) aspect.

But what’s the value of welcome emails? Welcome email marketing campaigns see up to 5 times more opens and clicks than the typical email campaign.


Your Campaign Should Comprise 3 – 5 Emails


The first email should thank them for becoming a subscriber. Make them feel delighted at joining a growing community of happy customers. The second email may invite them to follow you via social. You may ask them to like your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

The third, fourth, and fifth email should gather as much personal info as possible. This is the KYC phase. So, get to know your subscriber’s birthday. Also, have them tell you how they heard about your business, or how they found you. Get to know whether they have any preferences regarding emails sent by businesses.

Note: you shouldn’t take forever before contacting new subscribers. If you take too long, they’ll forget about you. They might even delete your emails, or worse, mark them as spam.

3. Standard Promotional Emails

Pretty much everyone includes this type of email marketing campaign in their arsenal. They’re the most common type of email campaigns today. But most recipients hate these kinds of emails. That’s mainly because the emails seem to communicate the exact same message over and over again. Such emails feel recycled, tired, and pointless. Pointless because many recipients won’t ever open them. Some recipients will simply delete your promotional campaigns. But those who hate such campaigns typically push them into the spam folder.

Does that mean you shouldn’t launch this type of email campaign? No. In fact, they can deliver huge results if handled with thoughtfulness and proper planning. Make sure to send emails that do something for the recipient. Give them something, promise them something, stir their emotions in some way, make them smile, or whatever.

Another way to grab their attention is to use eye-catching font, images, numbers, symbols, and so on. You can even include a relevant quote by a celebrity. Or even include an interesting line from a current popular hit. It’s all about driving your email open rate.

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4. Seasonal Email Campaigns

Seasonal campaigns are also promotional in nature. They’re released to coincide with “seasons.” The term “seasons” here refers to holidays and festivals including Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Father’s Day, and so on. Your chief aim here is to leverage the holidays and drive sales.

You’ll want to kick off these campaigns well ahead of the season to build buzz around it. Also, you should send follow-up campaigns so you and your recipients can make the most of the season. For some businesses, the last 2 months of the year account for up to 40 percent of the sales. So, have you been getting your fair share of these holiday sales? No? Make sure to use seasonal email campaigns when the next season comes around.

5. Abandoned Cart Email Campaigns

Cart abandonment campaigns are actually triggered email campaigns. They’re automated campaigns that kick into gear when a recipient takes a specific action. These campaigns launch whenever someone initiates the shopping process but for some reason doesn’t conclude it.

Abandonment campaigns are somewhat challenging to develop. But they have a significantly higher open rate than most other campaigns. Did you know that this type of campaign sees an open rate of roughly 45 percent?

To boost open rate, turn to your creativity. Why not offer your prospects and customers a discount they’ll want to grab? Why not remind them of your unique money-back guarantee?

6. Triggered Email Campaigns

They’re referred to as triggered email campaigns because it’s something recipients do that triggers these campaigns. Triggered email campaigns account for fully 75 percent of all email marketing-related revenue.

Once someone receives an email, their reaction determines what kind of emails they’ll start seeing from that point.

Triggers happen when people click on links or when they download content. They also happen when they open or fail to open particular campaigns. Similarly, buying a product triggers a different kind of email campaign. So does cart abandonment, not clicking on a link, signing up to an offer, and so on.

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Final Thoughts on Email Marketing Campaigns

Successful businesses launch different kinds of email campaigns to drive customer acquisition and revenue generation. Email marketing is in most cases incorporated into a company’s wider marketing strategy. Every time you acquire a subscriber, send them a couple welcome emails.

Also, send out seasonal emails around holidays. Triggered email campaigns are also critical. So are cart abandonment campaigns, newsletters, and standard promotional campaigns. If you execute your campaigns well, your sales should skyrocket. But no matter which email campaign strategy you decide to go with, you’ll need the best and most advanced tools for the job. The right tool saves you time, helps you minimize mistakes, and enables you to design stunning campaigns.

Veloxy is hands down the best email template builder in the world, let alone the best email marketing software for sales reps. Not only does it save you time with ready templates, it also adds an array of added benefits which include.

  • Reach numerous prospects in one go
  • Add more people to your email list
  • Know when your emails are read or forwarded with real time alerts
  • Analyze and improve email engagement
  • Log all email activity and save key emails to Salesforce
  • Make bulk cold emails CAN-SPAM compliant before sending
  • Add new prospects to Salesforce and set up a meeting in seconds
  • Create unlimited personalized email templates

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