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5 Tips to Master Email Pitches: Latest Research and Stats Included

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Few things are as intimidating as sending email pitches to complete behind-the-screen strangers. You shudder at the thought of what your recipients might do. They might delete your cold email pitch or give it the old spam treatment. Better yet, they could effortlessly ignore it altogether.

According to MailChimp, the average email open rate across industries ranges between 15.22 and 28.46 percent. What if you could get more of your recipients to open your emails, read them, and even respond to them?  Wouldn’t that be exciting? We got the email marketing experts here at Veloxy to divulge some of our own pitching tactics. Along with others commonly employed in many successful email campaigns. This post presents 5 straightforward tips that’ll help you revitalize your email pitches and amp up your stats.

How to Supercharge Your Email Pitches and Improve Business Relationships

Let’s think about one critical email campaigns number: the average email open rate. It’s an average, right? That means some business owners in your industry are seeing open rates that are way above the average. It also means some business owners’ open rates are somewhere far below the average. Where are you?

If you’re anywhere below the average rate, you have tons of work to do. Devise more effective strategies and make your email pitches more “open-worthy,” clickable, and shareable.  Start crafting emails that compel action. Here are a couple of tips you can put to work right away.

Email Pitch Tip #1: Call Your Customers by Name

How did you feel when someone you met ages ago called you by your name? You felt great. You felt important. At least, it felt like you’re important to that person.  People love their names.

Adding a recipient’s name in your subject line can seriously boost your email open rate. One report revealed that personalizing an email’s subject line increases the open rate by more than 22 percent.

So, even if your customer’s name is Papadimitrakopoulos, use it in the subject line. It’s probably the longest name in the world and the most difficult to remember. But that’s precisely why you should “remember” it. Just in case you didn’t know, Papadimitrakopoulos is a real name!

Email Pitch Tip #2: Build a Highly Targeted Email List

Another trick to invigorate your open rate is to optimize your email list. Studies find that sending out campaigns to a highly targeted list can do wonders for this number. Shane Snow, co-founder of Contently, conducted an experiment that had interesting findings.

Snow and his team obtained 1,000 emails of some of the busiest people in the United States. In this small study, 500 of the recipients were C-level employees and vice-presidents at various Fortune 500 companies. The other 500 worked as C-level executives at Inc. 500 corporations.

Then, they crafted a cold email pitch requesting the recipients to describe what kind of cold emails they preferred. They formulated a sort of a base email that let them change variables. That allowed them to turn their message into some kind of a multivariate test.

In other words, their “project” became a meta experiment. Some of the variables they tinkered with were email length, subject line, and purpose of the email. They ended up with 9 variants of the original message.

What Were the Findings?

293 emails bounced. Of the remaining 707, 45.5 percent got opened. That’s an incredible open rate considering that the recipients were insanely busy people. It’s an impressive number given that the average email open rate hovers around 15 to 28 percent.

The findings boiled down to three critical insights. The first insight is that personalized messages work. The second one is that researching your recipients can make a huge difference. Also, the best outcomes happen when the pitch sender and the recipient are a great fit. The third insight they gleaned is that building a highly targeted list helps immensely.

Email Pitch Tip #3: Craft Short, Curious Subject Lines

The researchers experimented with two kinds of subject lines. The first type comprised short, somewhat vague questions (“Quick Questions”). The other type comprised long subject lines that conveyed a specific message.

Results? Both long and short subject lines had the same open rate (45.5%). But that brings us to a critical question. What’s better, a short subject line or a long one?

While both types of subject lines saw the same open rate, they had different response rates. Subject lines that were “quick questions” saw a 66.7 percent response rate. By comparison, longer subject lines that communicated a specific message saw a 33.3 percent response rate.

Shane explained that the difference was down to the long subject line overpromising to recipients. Recipients probably felt manipulated or something and muttered, “Look, I’m busy, Ok?”

Email Pitch Tip #4: Personalize Your Email Pitches

Woodpecker carried out a small study that returned interesting findings. They found that personalized emails delivered a significantly higher open rate than non-personalized ones do. Personalized cold email pitches saw a 17 percent response rate. By comparison, non-personalized cold email pitches resulted in an open rate of just 7 percent.

Aside from mentioning their name (remember tip #1?), praise them. State something that shows you think they’re great. Make sure it’s something praise-worthy, though. Maybe it’s a Facebook post that went viral, garnering 20,000 likes and tons of shares. Or maybe their website sees web traffic of 300,000 per month. With a custom email snippet, praising your customers shouldn’t be hard. That’s a supremely effective way to build lasting business relationships.

Email Pitch Tip #5: Send Out Follow-up Emails

Get ready to 3X your response rates!

Many people hate seeing business emails in the inbox. So, why keep sending emails to people who detest them?

Look, nobody said success in marketing and entrepreneurship would be easy. It’s a tough world. Failure is a lot more common than success. To see more success than failure, persistence must become your second nature.

Generally, sending out several follow-up pitches over a period of time delivers better outcomes than sending fewer. In this instance, 4–7 pitches in a sequence resulted in 3 times more responses than 1–3 emails.

But while sending follow-up emails is essential, you shouldn’t overwhelm your recipients. Tricky balancing act there. Here’s one more thing. Make sure your emails aren’t too close. And once someone responds negatively, discontinue follow-up emails immediately.

Supercharge Your Email Pitches with these Tips!

Naturally, you want to reach more and more people and sell more and more products or services. And that’s a noble goal. But how do you ensure that your cold email pitches pack a punch?

It’s not that hard. First off, include the recipient’s name in the subject line. Second, optimize your email list so it becomes the most highly targeted list ever built. Third, use short subject lines that ignite curiosity in the recipient. Fourth, be sure to personalize your pitch, and keep sending follow-up emails.

One more thing; having a well laid out strategy is only half the battle. To win the email wars, you also need to have an arsenal of the right tools. The best tools save you time, minimize mistakes, let you design stunning campaigns, and even show you how all that affects sales.

We’ll start with Veloxy Engage, the best email template builder in the world. Not only does Engage save you time with ready templates, it also adds an array of added benefits. These include mail-merge, email tracking, engagement analytics, and most importantly, CAN-SPAM compliant bulk email. Once you’re set up with Engage, make sure you also get Veloxy Mobile to automatically log all phone calls, text messages and emails into Salesforce CRM as activities.

Commit yourself to applying the 5 suggestions mentioned above consistently along with Veloxy. Then, sit back and watch your email open and response rates take off.

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