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5 Things Salespeople Will Miss About 2020

As 2021 begins to settle in, we can’t help but recap on what a year 2020 has been. Not only did we go through a deadly pandemic, but we’ve just come out of a contentious election as well. And all this while living through a quickly changing landscape driven by hastily evolving tech. I’m sure we can all agree that everyone is more than ready to move on.

However, it hasn’t been all bad, right? As sales people, we’re trained to look at the bright side and make the best out of challenging situations. For some business, the year wasn’t actually that tough if we’re talking sales. A few of them even managed to turn a higher profit than in previous years. But profit or not, there are some crucial lessons that we’ve all had to learn in 2020. If you’re in sales, here are 5 things that we’ll definitely miss about last year.

Five Things Sales Reps Will Miss About 2020

1. No Commute

It’s no secret; a lot of people dread the daily routine of having to move to and from work. You’ve got those early mornings, insane traffic on the I-90, late nights and the we start all over again. But when the pandemic hit, millions of reps and salespeople found themselves working remotely.

Those fortunate enough to continue performing their duties from home are already probably missing not having to deal with these daily commutes. Of course, there are also those who found that working from their houses wasn’t really their cup of tea. But as things are steadily going back to normal, you can already tell that a lot of workers are struggling to get back in rhythm. Truth is, millions of people agree they were far more comfortable when they could just wake up and start working or take zoom meetings at home with just the top half dressed up (who’s gonna know you don’t have pants on?).

2. The Challenge

Don’t get me wrong; nobody asked for the difficulty that came with COVID-19. But as with any other challenges, 2020 definitely proved to be a test for a lot of salespeople. The unique circumstances surrounding the pandemic forced salespeople and business alike to think outside the box, dig deep and make the impossible happen.

Obviously, some industries still managed to thrive even in the face of all these setbacks. But even for businesses that still struggled to keep their heads above water, you could see plenty of evolution and creative changes being made. A lot of hard working folks proved that they had what it takes to endure and come out the other side stronger. So even as things start getting back to normal, salespeople will still use that very same willpower to achieve even greater things.

3. The Camaraderie

One of the toughest aspects of the pandemic was how people had to self-isolate and stay away from their loved ones. But although there were policies and rules that literally kept people apart, the pandemic actually did more to bring us together in many ways.

You could see how companies hunkered down to support their workforce. Salespeople also came together to help each other out. But what really impressed us and showed the level of humanity is how people came together to support their communities. So while the year 2020 may be over and things already improving, let’s try to hold on to the bonds and love for fellow man as we’ve done all along.

4. The Humor

Okay, so maybe we’ll be taking our sense of humor with us to 2021. Indeed, 2020 was a tragic and difficult year as people tried to find their own ways to cope. But true to form, a lot of salespeople (and even health practitioners) relied on humor and fun to get through the day.

If you follow the right blogs, 2020 gave us some of the best and funniest sales-related content we’ve seen in a while. We were able to laugh at ourselves, joke around, share some solid memes and different types of humor that helped us deal with the dire situation at hand.

5. Sheer Optimism

If ever there was a year where looking on the bright side was necessary, it was 2020. When the pandemic hit, nobody could have guessed how long it would last or how demanding things would get.

But since much of the sales job required pushing through impossible odds, sales people never let anything get them down. I mean, it didn’t matter if outside sales reps we’re stuck in their bedrooms for the better part of the year. You just couldn’t convince them that they weren’t hitting their quotas as usual. With blind faith, a silent prayer and a glass half full of optimism, salespeople evolved and adapted to keep doing what they do best.

What We Won't Miss About 2020

1. Delays

Back at the first months of 2020, everything literally came to a standstill. Nothing could be processed without significant delays. Millions of companies put projects on hold waiting to see how things play out only to start slowly adjusting when there was no end in sight to the pandemic. Let’s hope the delays remain in 2020 where they belong.

2. Patronizing Greetings

At the start of the year, starting out emails with “I hope you are safe and healthy” was a nice thing to hear. Unfortunately, it’s turned into somewhat of a trite or obnoxious message. Sure, it might be thoughtful, but millions of copy pastes have rendered it a bit meaningless. In 2021, let’s cut down on the patronizing signatures and get right to business.

Final Word on What Sales Reps Will Miss About 2020

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