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20 Salesforce Admin Interview Questions & Answers

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Looking to become part of Salesforce? Well, you’re definitely in the right place. The Salesforce Administration is expected to create over $5 billion by 2020 from just $180 million. Needless to say, this is no easy task. It takes a pool of highly skilled and experienced employees to achieve goals like this.

Fortunately for you, there’s a lot of chances for people to push their vocation forward in Salesforce Admin Development. In this segment, we’ve collected various questions likely to be asked in an interview as well as answers that will help you procure your dream job as a Salesforce Admin developer.  tag based markup language similar to HTML.

20 Questions and Answers for a Salesforce Admin Interview:

1. What's the difference between and

As an administrator, you’re expected to have a full grasp of every software and application form Salesforce, is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application based on software as a service. on the other hand is a platform based on Paas that helps developers and businesses to build powerful enterprise apps.

2. What is a profile?

This is a collection of settings and permissions that determine user’s functional access. This includes the apps, tabs, object level permissions and how information is displayed to users.

3. What's the difference between custom profiles and standard profiles?

Standard profiles are often included with Salesforce and are not fully customizable. Custom profiles on the other hand are created by the Administrator and are fully customizable.

4. How many standard profiles are available in Salesforce?

There are six Salesforce standard user profiles. The mostly used include

-Solution Manager

-Contract Manager

-Read Only

-Marketing User

5. What is a role?

Like I said, you really have to do your homework so as to look and sound as knowledgeable as possible. The last thing you want is to confuse Role for roles and responsibilities. In Salesforce, roles are defined to increase the data visibility of a particular user. Record sharing is done by Role hierarchy, sharing rules, and organization-wide defaults.

6. What is field level security?

In Salesforce, Field level security gives permissions at objects to restrict user’s access to view and edit certain fields on some objects. The FLS is controlled by profiles and permissions set.

7. What is data import wizard?

Data Import Wizard allows users to load up to 50,000 records at a time. Likewise, it provides support for leads, accounts, contacts, solutions, custom objects and capmpaign memner standard object.

8. What does export mean in Salesforce?

As the name suggests, the export button is used to export all records of a particular objectin the system to a .csv file. If you use the export all button, all records including those in the recycle bin for that object are exported to a csv file.

9. What does formula field refer to?

This is a read only field that derives its values for the formula expression you define.The formula field cannot be edited. But when the source field changes, the formula field follows suit automatically.

10. What are Reports?

That’s not a typo. Reports is actually a set of records displayed in the form of columns and rows. Here, reports data can be grouped, filtered, and displayed graphically as a chart. They are typically stored in Folder which controls who has access.

11. What is conditional highlighting in Salesforce Reports?

Conditional highlighting is a powerful way to show values in reports with given limits. With conditional highlighting, users can specify colors for different ranges of values in reports.

12. What are dashboards?

At Salesforce, a Dashboard is the visual representation of snapshots generated from Salesforce reports data. Using the dash components, users can convert business requirements into graphical representations using reports. Dashboard are also stored in folders.

13. What are validation rules?

Validation rules are put in place to help improve data quality by preventing users from inputting incorrect data. As the name suggests, validation rules validate user data

14. What is a workflow?

Workflow rules refer to the automated proesses used in business to send email alerts, assign tasks, update a filed on rule criteria or even action based criterion.

15. What are approval processes?

These processes are used in business processes to approve or reject the record. It typically involves rejection or approval of records where one person creates them and submits for approval.

16. What are queues?

Queues allow a group of users to manage a shared workload more efficiently. With queues, you get to prioritize your support team’s workload by creating lists from which specific agents can jump in to solve certain types of cases.

17. What is Visualforce?

This is the component based UI framework hosted on the platform that lets you build highly sophisticated custom user interface framework. It includes a tag based markup language similar to HTML.

18. What are static resources?

This is a place where you can upload supporting files which can then be referenced in a Visualforce page.

19. What is test class?

As the name suggests, test class is used to basically test the business function by using dummy data in the code. It will show you the number of lines covered.

20. What is MVC architecture?

Whenever a custom object is created in Salesforce, a VF is created to display the details of the record of the custom object using controller. In this scenario, three parts are observed.

-Objection creation is part of the model

-Visualforce page is part of the view

-Controller is part of controller

Conclusion on the Salesforce Admin Interview:

That wraps up our segment on the top 20 Salesforce admin questions and answers. Now, this is in no way an exhaustive list. There are plenty of other questions that interviewees are likely to be asked. Make sure you’re well read before facing your competition in the interview room.

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